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The Study On Stubjects And Ways Of Administrative Accountablity System In Our Country

Posted on:2010-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360302959096Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative accountability system is an integrated system, it is made of the accountability subject, the accountability object, the accountability range, the accountability procedure, and the accountability consequence. The accountability subject is the crucial factor, to a certain extent, it decides the effect of administrative accountability system. Administrative accountability subjects can be divided into the internal accountability subject and the external accountability subject. At present, our administrative accountability subjects have some questions in administrative process. Therefore, we need to consummate construction of administrative accountability subjects unceasingly.This paper defines two concepts of administrative accountability system and accountability subject, and then explicit that administration accountability subject can be divided into internal accountability subjects and external accountability subjects in our country. The internal accountability subjects mainly include superior administrative organization, the supervision department, the audit department and so on; The external accountability subjects mainly include the state power institution, the publics, the media and so on. This paper introduces each accountability subject and its accountability way in detail, and refers experience of the western countries. Specially, this article points out special function of the media in the process of public accountability. Simultaneously revolves to consummate our country administrative accountability subject, more develop the accountability effectiveness well, intensively analysis situation development present of Our country State authority, the social public and internal accountability subjects, has found some questions, and proposes the related consummate measure. Finally, the author proposes that we should construct the administrative accountability system which is one kind of multiplex subjects and diverse ways, so that the internal accountability subjects will closely combine with external accountability subjects and form a cohesive force.
Keywords/Search Tags:administrative accountability system, administrative accountability subject, internal accountability, external accountability, accountability way
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