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Administrative Accountability, The Main Study

Posted on:2009-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360242986149Subject:Administrative Management
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"The administrative accountability system" has become a hot topic after "accountability storm" since the SARS crisis in 2003. The accountability system has become a major direction to China's democratization reform."Where there is power,there is responsibility, the use of power will always be supervised." This has become the law of democratic politics. However, China's current implementation of the accountability system has a single subject.The allogeneic subjects are absent seriously, which makes the real purpose of accountability difficult to achieve to some extent. The administrative accountability has become a mere formality. Therefore,how to improve the single subject accountability,while to diversificate the accountability subject, so as to realize the more effective constraints to the power,is a needed problem in theory and practice.The topic is divided into six parts,the first part introduces the significance of this issue and the current research at home and abroad. The second part gives the definition of the responsibility, the accountability system and the subjects of accountability,and introduces the exploration and practice of the single subuject accountability in the past few years in China.The third part points out the difficulties faced by the single subject accountability from four aspects of accountability process,the definition of responsibility, accountability standards and the decision of responsibility.The fouth part analysis the reasons of China's current accountability system with a single subject. Such as the weak sense of responsibility, the fuzzy scope of accountability, inadequate of laws and regulations and the flawed accountability system. The fifth part discusses the need and practical significance of the implementation of our accountability with multiple subjects,based on the understanding of that the single-subject accountability is the main part of accountability system and that allogeneic accountability is effective complement.The sixth part points out the shortcomings of our accountability system,and suggests to strengthen the mutil-subject accountability system,while improving the single subject accountability,then puts forward related measures and proposals to support China's administrative accountability system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The administrative accountability system, The single-subject accountability, The allogeneic subjects accountability
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