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Research On The Procedure Construction Of China’s Administrative Accountability System

Posted on:2014-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q XiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330425461415Subject:Science of Law
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The administrative accountability system which originated from the SARSepidemic in2003once raged so fiercely in China like a storm. The system was treatedas “Jack of all trades” to deal with wide assortments of liability accidents, easing thepublic pressure and anger. There was no denying that the system had lashed theremnants of feudal ideology such as official standard fiercely and won the praise ofpeople, which brought a cool breeze to the construction of responsible governmentand law government. However, due to the lack of systematic theoretical guidance andunified national regulations, the system encounters lots of practical difficulties,among which procedures deficiency, confusion and irregularity are prominentproblems, which have become the bottleneck restricting the standardization andlegalization of China’s administrative accountability system. Therefore, to buildscientific and reasonable accountability procedures has important practical andtheoretical significance to regulate the current administrative accountabilitymechanism and achieve its management efficiency.The standardization degree of administrative accountability system which is oneof the important systems to restrict public authority in democracy constitutionalgovernments, has become an important yardstick to measure a country’s politicalenlightenment. And procedures, as the watershed between the arbitrary moralityruling and the law ruling, are indispensable to any sound system, guaranteeing theinstitutionalization and standardization of administrative accountability system. Tobuild scientific and complete accountability procedures, the following steps should beadopted: break the traditional ideological shortcoming “stressing the entity whileignoring the procedures”, build up the idea of giving priority to procedures, follow thegoal mode of “democracy and the rule of law, standardization and coordination,fairness and efficiency, comprehensiveness and completeness”, analyze each stage ofimplementation according to its dynamic change orbit from the launch to theimplementation to the final relief and official comeback, cascade all involved factors,arrange the participants’ roles reasonably, and finally draws a clear, logical andinterlocking system of procedures with dynamic thinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Accountability procedures, the Target mode, accountability launch, accountability implementation, accountability relief
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