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Of Administrative Accountability System Present Difficulties With The Crack

Posted on:2012-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 2003, "SARS" after the incident, the administrative accountability system began to enter public view, China's administrative accountability system has been rapid development. Central and local governments have successively developed and published a number of administrative accountability, including the file containing, methods, and, more scholars have begun to focus on the administrative accountability system research, these have promoted the development of administrative accountability . Especially in 2008, a series of major production safety accidents and food safety incidents make 2008 a "administrative accountability, the accountability crisis triggered deep shock to the people, to build and improve administrative accountability into our government management reform a major issue to be resolved, but also caused the author to build the administrative accountability system thinking.Modern administrative accountability system from the West, has gone through a long-term development, accountability in Europe and America deeply rooted in its deep democratic soil, has formed a complete legal system and operation mechanism. European and American countries, our history, no tradition of democracy, China's administrative accountability system is the country's economic reform and administrative reform to a certain level of product. Therefore, the development of administrative accountability system, can not copy the Western model, from their own reality, to explore suitable for China to establish a set of administrative accountability system.This is for administrative accountability through theoretical research, combined with the nature of our socialist country, China's government administration accountable for some of the problems that exist and put forward appropriate recommendations and strategies: a clear accountability of the main objects strictly defined accountability , set a reasonable accountability procedures, improve accountability of the legal system, rebuild the administrative culture of accountability, strengthen the supervisory role of the community, administrative accountability of our government to build and improve the feasibility of proposals put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative accountability, Allogeneic accountability, Accountability procedures, A culture of accountability, Improve the method
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