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A Research On Peasant Workers' Consciousness On Protecting Rights And Interests Influence Behavior Choice

Posted on:2011-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Produced in the process of urbanization and social transformation, peasant workers is a special vulnerable groups, hundreds of millions of peasant workers, through their own hard work has created tremendous social wealth,which has made great contributions to the socio-economic prosperity and development, they should enjoy the city fruits of development. However, in real life, peasant workers are in the marginalized status over a long period of time, their rights and interests are serious deficient in all aspects. Due to many reasons, in the process of protecting their rights and interests, migrant workers undergo many setbacks. However, they still depend on their own rational thought, according to its own actions to defend their legitimate interests.migrant workers'actions have far-reaching impact in our social and political, economic and other fields. Therefore, doing such an empirical research on consciousness and action choice of peasant workers is conducive to safeguarding their rights and interests of peasant workers, social stability and building a socialist harmonious society, which has an important theoretical and practical significance.Based on the angle of view about action choice, This article draws on social action theory and rational choice theory,applying empirical sociological research methods by asking peasant works who work in cities such as Yuelu area, Kaifu District, Tianxin and Yuhua District in Hunan province to do a questionnaire survey.This article analyze the current situation of consciousness and behavior choice of peasant workers safeguarding their rights and interest,exploring the intrinsic relationship between them comprehensively,systematically and deeply.Hereby this article put forward two specific assumptions:Firstly, The peasant works'consciousness on protecting their rights and interests influence on the choice of their individual activism; Secondly The peasant works'consciousness on protecting their rights and interests have effect on the choice of their collective activism.The results show that:consciousness on protecting right and interests is an important factor affecting the choice of migrant workers' action.the higher legal awareness for protection their rights and iterests of peasant workers, they more likely choose individual activism and collective activism; the higher sense of public opinion for protection their rights and iterests of peasant workers, they are easily choose individual activism to protect their rights and interests; The sense of organization for safeguarding their rights and interestes is positively correlated with choosing collective activism. Therefore, Peasant workers should be guided to form a right consciousness of legal,public opinion, and organizations for protecting their rights and interets and thus choose the rightaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant Workers, Consciousness on Protecting their rights and interests, Behavior Chioce
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