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Predicament And Transition Of The Non-governmental Organization In Protecting Peasant-workers' Interests

Posted on:2008-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S D YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360242478406Subject:Administrative Management
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The issue of peasant-workers'interests becomes remarkably hot ever since some important incidents in 2003. However, existent literature mainly focuses on the roles of governments and labor unions in protecting their interests while that of NGO is fairly scarce. Obviously, the research of NGO's involvement has been left far behind the practice. The dynamic development of the PPI NGO has provided an innovative approach to solve the worsening status of peasant-workers'interests. That is why much research on this issue is valuable.Judging from current development, the PPI NGO has not yet become a significantly influential power in protecting peasant-workers'interests. However, compared to existent organizations characterized by governmental directions, PPI NGO is more likely to be accepted and favored by peasant-workers, which is a crucial advantage. Judging from social demand and social supply, China's PPI NGO embraces great space to develop. This study is based on the experience of Zhujiang Delta region which involves tremendous peasant workers and relevant problems. The author collected considerable materials of both interviews and news report, which equip the author to make summary and analysis. By the end, the author advances a series of policy recommendations.This thesis consists of four parts. In the first part, the author provides a general picture of the PPI NGO's development in terms of social demand and social supply.In the second part, the author makes a summary of the PPI NGO in Zhujiang Delta region and analyzes their functions and characteristics.In the third part, some major predicaments faced by China's PPI NGO will be discussed, including the predicament of legality, resource scarce, law-relevant information, governance and so forth.The fourth part involves policy recommendations in terms of the serious predicaments.
Keywords/Search Tags:NGO in Protecting Peasant-workers'Interests, Zhujiang Delta Region, Predicament and Transition
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