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Study On Legislation Of Light Pollution Prevention

Posted on:2011-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M ZuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305481577Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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Light is essential and necessary element for survival of biosphere and it make our lives bright, but regulation of pupils make our eyes adapt to a range of light radiation, and it turn to harmful pollution source to human health when amount of the light beyond usual level. With speeding of urbanization process and prosperity of industry economy, a new type of environmental pollution is rushing toward us, it is quiet, but there is tremendous strength of damage in it. Light pollution is by-product of industrial development, it belongs to physical pollution, and most of it come from low efficiency, non-essential artificial light, such as families, factories, office buildings, streetlight, advertisement, large stadiums and other commercial products. This problem was raised by international astronomical community in 1930s, they thought that light pollution is negative impact on astronomical observation due to that cities light make sky bright. It is not only make difficulties of astronomical research more and more, but also make threat to health of human, animals, plants, property safety and ecological balance, dissipate energy. However, there has been not unified and accurate concept definition and classification ways on light pollution, which is a flaw in area of natural science, and then, it is difficult that think out some governance strategies and measures.Existing situation of light pollution infringement highlight necessity and urgency of legislation, our country is still in initial exploratory stage on environmental legislation of light pollution, and there exist serious absence except some local laws, regulations and relevant standards. When courts trial cases about light pollution, they have not relevant laws to follow, and it is powerless to security the legitimate rights and interests of casualty. Accordingly, the job of prevention is not easy. Nevertheless, other countries began to enact laws, requirements and guidelines that limit light pollution in 1970s. A lot of countries and areas of Europe and America realized jeopardize to cities due to that excessive brightening in earlier stage. Written legislation on light pollution has been work out with strength of folk and authority, many matured experiences are obtained. In view of increasing severity of light pollution, our country needs to work on legislation about it, we can modify those local laws or abolish them when they are applied for some time, and make benefits of all citizens are maintained effectively. Judging from this, we should learn foreign legislative, administrative and judicial experiences in the circumstances that our legislative progression falls behind the rate of pollution aggravation. In addition, we should perfect existing norms and institutions, and build an effective series of legal system that prevent light pollution, which conform to our national life and take possess of strong operability. The most important thing is that enact a slip law which prevent light pollution and unified luminous environment standard.This paper mainly propose legislative advices that prevent light pollution in our country by exploring and concluding the basic concept, features, hazards and other cases. It analyses and resolves problem, which primarily uses some methods such as descriptive research, comparative analysis, literature research and interpretation, and comprehensively makes use of methodology including ecological, sociological and value theory. This thesis considers that the opportunity is mature that build legal system. Moreover, favorable opportunity that speed the pace of legislative work is provided by the growth of environmental right and improvement of civil legal conscious. We should confirm light pollution as a type of environmental pollution, and put it into objects of legal protection, Thereby, it can maintenance civil legitimate rights and benefits of society as a whole, and create elegant, suitable living and ecological environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:light pollution, legislation, light of environmental standards, the right of light pollution exclusion
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