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A Research On Financing Problems Of Higher Vocational Colleges In China

Posted on:2010-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is an important way to improve national competitiveness and promote employment and economic development by development of higher vocational education. In recent years, with continues expanding of enrollment, higher vocational education has entered the popular stage in China. Following deep understanding of higher vocational education and explored new training model actively, vocational colleges'educational quality has been improved steadily. However, due to the insufficient funds of the state, the limited self-accumulation of capital in higher vocational colleges and other reasons, most of vocational colleges have to face serious shortage of funding during the rapid development of higher vocational education. And then, the shortage of capital results weakness of infrastructure, the backward of experimental conditions, and finical supporting on lecturer training. Finally, above problems impact colleges'teaching and learning quality and level.Due to improved legal guarantee, the full government financial support, the extensive participation of societies, vocational education becomes to healthy and sustainable in Germany, Australia, the United States, Singapore and other developed countries. In terms of capital problem of Chinese vocational education, there are lots of factors block financing channels, such as weakness of main financial input channel from central and local government, small growth rate of income from tuition fee, and too many limitations from bank loan. For above reasons, in order to address the development challenges faced by vocational education effectively, we must learn from successful experiences of foreign countries, creating conducive environment for the financing of higher vocational colleges, innovating the financial system and financing methods.The current research report analyzes the financing problems of vocational colleges of China based on quality method with principle of integrate theory with practice. On the perspective of capital demand, the current research report analyzes higher vocational colleges' teaching conditions in China and states the necessary of increased capital investment. On the perspective of funds supply, the current research report analyzes the financing channels of the traditional vocational colleges detailed and summaries the limitations of popular financing channels. Finally, the research report provides some revolutionary and innovative suggestions based on successful experience at this area in developed countries under the current condition in China.
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