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The Research Of Table Tennis' Fitness Value

Posted on:2011-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332956504Subject:Physical Education and Training
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As China's national table tennis ball, with equipment equipment is simple, interesting and strong, play diverse characteristics such as age, gender, people can join, welcome by customers.Conduct systematic long table tennis, help the body's metabolism and raise the level of the whole body function, has strong fitness value. Table Tennis in China with good mass base, has become the pursuit of health and fitness, entertainment and health, fitness and lifelong physical activity and focus of the main means of sports.In this paper, literature, expert interviews, questionnaires, statistics and logical reasoning and so on, in Liaoning Province, on the table tennis fitness attributes and the competitive nature of comparative analysis and to what the features and advantages of table tennis, System of table tennis in physical health, mental health, social adjustment abilities of fitness value, reached the following conclusions:(1)table tennis with both competitive value but also has the fitness value. The development of table tennis table tennis Fitness Sports in a wide range of personnel base and market environment, the development of competitive table tennis, table tennis and fitness will also create a favorable atmosphere for sports, they are interactive, mutually reinforcing and complementary. In enhancing the physical, develop physical fitness, health and training will improve the quality of the community for the purpose of sports and school sports, table tennis is an important component.(2) table tennis fitness equipment with the site simple, low cost, safe and strong, with no age restrictions on sex characteristics and advantages, in our current economy has not developed a large population under conditions of lack of sports facilities, table tennis is urban and rural residents willing to accept, and most easily carried out mass sports.(3) table tennis fitness activities, fitness is an important component of fitness can be effectively promoted the activities carried out; to cultivate the will of the people good quality, can promote the sports population increases, is one basic way to achieve comprehensive development in one.(4) high fitness value, can improve physical health, enhance and improve the function of the nervous system; can improve the psychological health and maintain psychological balance; can increase the ability of social adaptation, and promote comprehensive development of man; Table Tennis fitness of the people moral values and moral character formation and development, has a great education and rehabilitative functions.(5) table tennis fitness value realization ways:carry out scientific research, raising awareness of the value of the table tennis fitness; creating an environment to actively promote the table tennis sport culture; and invest more funds to improve table tennis venues, facilities condition; active in table tennis fitness activities, different forms of amateur table tennis competition; ruled by strengthening Talented table tennis;enhancing public information and guidance, the new situation and ping-pong diplomacy.
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