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Experimental Study On Impact Of Table Tennis To Xi’an Aeronautical University Students’ Health-related Physical Fitness

Posted on:2015-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330467959471Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Physical fitness is a health concept introduced into our country in recent years, reflecting the adaptive ability of body to the environment, which it can better sum up completely and effectively the human health condition and body level. In the civilized society with advanced technology, the opportunities of body movement are less and less, nutrition taking is higher and higher, working and life pressure is bigger and bigger, and everyone feels more the importance of good physical fitness and regular exercise. Table tennis is our "landsball" with extensive mass basis, which not only can let human body get overall exercise but also can adjust personal mood making them happy and enhance thinking ability, and it is a kind of physical sport of promoting development integrated with physical power, intelligence, will and skill and has popularity among students. Health physical fitness is a hot topic of current study and also a research subject concerned by domestic and foreign scholars. At present, the research about the impact of table tennis on the health physical fitness of university students is less and further improvement and perfection is required. The article is to discuss the influence of table tennis sport on the health physical fitness of university students for giving scientific guide to the students taking part in table tennis exercise.Select160freshman students with table tennis as optional course in Xi’an Aviation College as the research object for this paper, their age is at18-21, and compare the change of physical fitness of students before and after exercise through four months of table tennis exercises. Then discuss the influence of table tennis sport on the physical fitness.For this article select some indexes to test like height, weight, sit and reach, grip, on-site deep squat, schoolboy1600m running/schoolgirl1200m running by adopting testing method, contrastive analyzing the test data before and after exercise.The test result shows that there is unobvious change to the subject BMI; there is improvement as to the suppleness, vital capacity, power of gripping, deep squat.The paper concludes from contrastive analysis before and after exercise:there is no obvious change to body ingredient of students through four months of table tennis exercise; there is improvement as to the vital capacity and suppleness and the improvement extent of schoolgirl is bigger than schoolboy; the gripping power of university students gets improvement, the improvement at right hand is obviously bigger than left hand, and as to the lower limbs endurance there is distinctly enhancement, which indicates the effectiveness of table tennis sport to body health.
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