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Theoretical Study And Applied Research Of Functional Exercise Test On College Student Physical Fitness Test

Posted on:2011-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332960005Subject:Physical Education and Training
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College Student physical fitness test is the work of the school sports an important link in school evaluation system .The tests is an important component is to promote the healthy development of physical fitness of students. The test is the means of education to encourage students to actively carry out physical exercise. And the test is not only the individual assessment of student's health standards, but also a necessary condition for graduation. In order to improve the physical health of university students and on the basis of the conscientious summary of trial work , Ministry of Education, the State Sports General Administration promulgated the "National Student Physical Health Standard" in 2007. It has modified and improved the "student's health standards", but some issues are still unresolved, Especially, the relevance of the same set of test items. So this study attempts a new test methods - Functional exercise tests into College Student physical fitness test in order to solve this problem.This study belongs to explore and study. On the basis of the predecessors research methodology on physical fitness test, this study has build the theoretical basis and foundation of functional exercise test which applied to the physical health of college students test from the physical science, biology, education and its own merits. The results are as follows:1) From the physical point of view of science, functional exercise capacity is based on the physical fitness constitute an integral part of the constitution, there is the nature of the link between the two.2) From the biological perspective, the various factors related to flexibility and strength are all the external appearance belonging to the composition of the anatomical structures of muscles is the muscle activity. With a (group) muscle in the course of the activity, flexibility and strength of the quality of the quality of interaction checking the other. Flexibility and strength as the same set of test items is on the basis of biological Biology. 3) Through analysis in various test items and test objectives and results show of functional exercise tests ,the study found that functional exercise test as a College Student physical fitness test has the following merits: First, the right body posture, body shape was evaluated; Second, we determined the body's main muscle groups and joints of the athletic ability. Flexibility and strength will be carried out the quality of integration; Thirdly , the test method is simple, easy to grasp and carry out self-test. Fourthly , attention to individual differences.4) From the point of view of pedagogy, functional exercise testing in line with the essence of the meaning physical fitness tests will help enhance the awareness of students of sports and in line with lifelong physical ideas. In Harbin Engineering University we carried out scores of small-scale applied research on undergraduate students of different levels of physical health test. The results are as follows:In good grades and passing grades, the achievement level is the most obvious discrete. Applied functional exercise test to college student physical fitness test had impact on student grades assessment. The current college student physical fitness test did not fully cover the relevant contents of functional exercise test. College student physical fitness test by adding functional exercise testing will be more scientificly, more comprehensively reflect the standards student's fitness.1) Functional exercise test scores showed a normal distribution pattern consistent with the sample selected characteristics. Functional exercise testing as the test content of college student physical fitness test, moderate degree of difficulty in line with the degree of difficulty of current college student physical fitness test.2) Test results show that:the ability related test two(ankle knee and hip stability and hip extension of closed kinematic chains and open kinematic chains of hurdle leg ankle dorsiflexion ability and flexion capacity of knee and hip and balance the capacity of these areas) is the least competent than others. Test 2 should be give priority to join the college student physical fitness test. 3) In considering the premise of gender differences, boys test items should give priority to select the test 5 and test 7, girls should give priority to select the test 6 and test 1.
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