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Recognition Of Effective Chinese School Assignment And Evaluation

Posted on:2011-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F ChuFull Text:PDF
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The comprehensive promotion of the New Curriculum Reform determines that the Chinese school assignment under new situation is not only the extension of class teaching, but also the sublimation of class teaching. The effective design and assessment of school assignment make the students understand, consolidate and apply the knowledge learned in class better; meanwhile it also plays unique effect of training and improving the self-learning capability, hands-on ability, independent working ability and also on developing some good characteristics, such as self-control, self-management and concentration.However, due to the influence of the traditional conception of education, in addition to the oblivion of research on school assignment by teachers, the unilateralism of recognition and interpretation of teachers, and the lack of the teaching materials themselves, Chinese school assignment has been intensified improperly nowadays after it was ignored abnormally. Those problems exist among the school assignment as follows:Mechanical training substitutes reading briefly, examination-oriented training makes inefficient study;'To bring at will'is more than'To design elaborately', To assign the homework generally is more than self-choice; we attach the importance to the training result while the thinking process is belittled, and we lack of the necessary instructions and the feedback in time; the design of the school assignment is against the targets of courses, the obsolete concepts are away from the needs of the times. Not merely the Chinese school assignment doesn't show the principle of consolidation, but also it doesn't play effect of optimizing teaching. Therefore, discussing the effectiveness design and assessment of school assignment has the practical significance under the background of the New Curriculum Reform.Being aimed at the above-mentioned problems, the thesis combines, Cognitive Constructivism Theory, Multiple Intelligences Theory, Theory and Reflective Teaching Theory, analyzing and researching on the cases of designing and evaluating the school assignment of mother tongue languages at home and abroad. From the aspect of relationship among Chinese teaching targets, teaching content and ability training, the effect of Chinese training to improve the Chinese ability in the process of Chinese teaching, the relationship between Chinese school assignment sequentiality design and Chinese ability, the correlation between Chinese school assignment effectiveness and courses effectiveness etc., the thesis brings in the strategy of effectively designing and evaluating Chinese school assignment in order to instruct the research of the effectiveness design and assessment of junior high school Chinese school assignment.To make the strategy own more operability, the thesis also reflects the effect of the research, and summaries the principal and several inspiration of school assignment design. At the same time of stating the theories, the thesis interprets with abundant of practical examples to make it with more meanings of guidance both in the theory and practice.I hope that the thesis can make the teaching staff go a step further to recognize the idea of the effectiveness design and assessment of school assignment, expanding the content, enriching the forms, optimizing the assessment. I hope that it will show the right conceptions and spirits of the new course standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:teaching and learning, assignment, relativity, assessment, effect, the effect on students' ability training
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