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Research On Training Applied Talents Based On The Competence Structure

Posted on:2012-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J R LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330335454348Subject:Higher Education
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The traditional view of education quality is the view of knowledge quality. It evaluates the education quality basing on how much knowledge the students have learnt. But it neglects the development of the students' competence leading to the talents in high education are weak in applying knowledge while they have sturdy basic theory. That seriously affects quality of the talents especially the applied ones who are basing on application competence.This paper analyzes the competence of applied talents and makes the construction of it in order to propose the education strategy of applied talents according to the existing problems basing on the document method. In the process, the theory of the talents' competence construction in domestic and international literature and the experiences in Germany, America and Taiwan are adopted and referred.This paper represents the background, the significance and the situation of the study on the education of applied talents in domestic and international. There are detailed introduction about the concepts and theories of applied talents, competence, and competence construction. After analyzing the situation and summing up the experiences in Germany, America and Taiwan, the main presentation of the education of applied talents are represented. They emphasize the competence of professional practice, knowledge application, international communication and teamwork. This paper explores the construction of applied talents in China according to the advanced experiences and basing on the theoretical knowledge. Finally, from the view of the competence construction and the problems existing in China, this paper proposes the strategy of applied talents education basing on the competence construction. It is that the reasonable education aim, the education and appraisement modes centering on the professional practice competence, the development and rich of the teaching resources and all-round key abilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:application type, competence construction, education of talents
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