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The Interpretation Of Regional Convergence Of Industrial Structure Based On The Tournaments Model

Posted on:2012-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335463736Subject:Industrial Economics
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Economic structure adjustment and upgrade have been the pivotal objective of Chinese economical policies for a long time. Regional convergence of industrial structure is one of the points of the adjustment. As a long-term hindrance during structural adjustment process, although it has been researched generally, the thorough solution still can't be found, that bring huge damage to China's economic and social development, worse there is a rising trend of regional convergence of industrial structure in some local. Therefore, the deep-seated reasons and the solution has high theoretical and practical value.Firstly, based on the previous literature, this paper illustrates the universality and severity of the issue. Then, according to the special decentralized structure between central and local government which is called Federalism Chinese Style, by the improved tournaments model, this paper simulates the competition for promotion between the Local officials, which means through the intervention in the local economy to enhance the regional economic performance rankings, the local official will get promotion. Furthermore, this paper will show, under different degree of market opening, the change of local official's rational choice to illustrate the relation between the dominant strategy of local officials and the origination of Regional convergence of industrial structure. By this way, this paper find that the mechanism which was used for the promotion of local officials, the direct intervention in regional industrial distribution from the local movement and the spillover effect of the local official's direct intervention on competitive regional economic performance, they are the core reasons of the phenomenon of regional convergence of industrial structure. At last, guided by the theoretical model, this paper hopes to find the way of adjusting the related aspects of reality to eliminate the phenomenon of regional convergence of industrial structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional convergence of industrial structure, tournaments model, game theory
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