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Study On Regional Differential Of Industrial Employment Structures In China

Posted on:2015-01-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1487304310996389Subject:Industrial Economics
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At present, the structural contradiction is still the main contradiction of the economic development in China, such as dual structure industrial structure the economic structure, etc. and structural adjustment become the main characteristics of economic operation at this stage. The employment structure optimization, the upgrading of the industrial structure and the dynamic adaptation of both has received high attention from China central government and the State Council. The recommendations of CPC Central Committee on the twelfth five-year plan of national economy and social development pointed out that economic development uncoordinated and unsustainable problems still outstanding at present, and the unreasonable industrial structure, total employment pressure and structural contradictions coexist. China's employment structure imbalance not only displays in unreasonable proportion of employment of the three industries, as well as in unbalance of regional structure. As the quantity and the frequency in the labor migration among Chinese regions increases, the non-balanced development situation of regional employment structure and industrial structure has been shown on. Regional employment structure optimization and coordinated development with upgrading of the regional industrial structure comply with the demand of the objective laws. Demand of quality and quantity of regional labor in the regional industrial structure adjustment process needs to be adjusted constantly, so as to promote optimization and upgrading of the regional employment structure, and adapt to the dynamic matching to adjustment of regional industrial structure. Continuous upgrade of the regional industrial structure, inevitably require optimization of employment structure and sustainability of the collaborative matching. Dynamic adaptation of the regional employment structure optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure has become the most urgent practical problems need to resolve to the regional governments. According to the theoretical research, though there is a great amount of literatures related to employment structure in the domestic study, regional employment structure research mainly focus on the different data descriptive statistics and simple trend prediction of employment structure, relative lack of systematic and theoretical. With comprehensive analysis of relevant research achievements of domestic and foreign scholars, it can be found that the modern economic theory have not systematically study the inherent law of formation of regional differences in employment structure, and there are less systemic research of dynamic macro-matching mechanism of regional employment structure optimization and regional industrial structure upgrading. Therefore, studying industrial structure of employment from the regional differences perspective in the comprehensive and holistic premise have important significances to promote coordinated of regional industrial development and employment level, and find out the real factors hinder regional optimization of employment structure, and puts forward some measures.This paper uses the theories of labor economics, industry economics, regional economics, econometrics and the existing relevant references, choosing macro data of relevant statistical yearbook and micro data of field survey, using empirical analysis method such as the multiple regression models, the theory of structural change, convergence analysis, and so on. The contents of this dissertation are mainly consisted of the following parts:(1) through method and tool of the co-integration with structural change, make quantitative analysis on the industrial structure and employment structure of co-integration sex measurement using of unit root model, estimate structural mutation type of industrial structure of employment, search the ways of promoting both coordinated development of industrial structure and employment structure;(2) discuss the particularity of the regional employment structure evolution and regional difference in the process of evolution of employment structure based on classification research, and analyze influence factors and essential characteristic in evolution of employment structure, through location quotient of the employment structure, coefficient of regional difference variation, employment elasticity, the employment structure deviation and comparative analysis of regional relative labor productivity, to get the relevant economic policy implications;(3) make Theil index inspection, a convergence test and ? convergence test to different types of regional employment structure in order to probe into the existence of convergence in employment of industrial structure among regions and convergence type;(4) analyze comprehensively the influence of all sorts of factors inside and outside on the labor force distribution among industries, and distinguish the influence factors and mechanism of structural changes of regional employment;(5) discuss the possibility of setting up an adjusting model for employment structure optimization which is advantageous to economic growth and job enlargement, and discuss direction and target of employment structure optimization in China, and puts forward the macro-control policies of local government, regional adjustment framework and specific measures.the main innovations of this dissertation are as follows:(1) describe China's employment structure evolution process by the structure mutation model and check the stability trend and co-integration of the inter-industry transfer of labor, and search the cointegration relation between optimization of industrial structure of employment and economic growth, to establishes theoretic basic framework of relative policies;(2) first proposed the conception of Regional Difference Coefficient, which is a comprehensive index to measure regional difference of industrial structure of employment, overcome the limitation of relative labor productivity, degree of deviation and elasticity of employment;(3) By calculating Theil Index of the industrial structure of employment in China,overall difference is decomposed into the differrence between the eastern, central and western regions and the differences between provinces in their region, and uncover further the changes of Chinese industrial structure of employment from the regional structrue of differences and inner-regional difference;(4) bring the convergence analysis into the field of industrial structure of employment study, combined with test of ? convergence and ? convergence, and make further regional segmentation to the provinces of eastern, central and western areas, to analyze the convergence and divergence of panel data of Chinese employment structure, and then define the connotation, characteristics and types of convergence of the industrial structure and measure the convergence speed so as to build a theoretical foundation to put forward the relevant policy implications.
Keywords/Search Tags:Employment Structure, Regional Difference, Industrial Structure, Convergence, Labor Transfer
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