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Research On State And Revised Countermeasures Of The Setup Of The Regular Physical Education Major In Common Institutes Of Higher Learning In China

Posted on:2012-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Major is the fundamental unit of teaching in regular insititutions of higher education, whose personnel training has the following two basic characteristics:to cultivate special talents as its target and to organize teaching with major as its basic form. As the market economy has been established and gradually improved, and modern society,economy,techonology and culture as well as the world higher education have been developed, it has become a very pressing task to adjust and reform major establishment in the new century. It should be noted that with higher education increasingly popular, commoditisation in the subject and major setting in our countries' regular insititutions of higher education has turned out to be a prominent problem, which is incompatible with the requirement for diversified talents in such a economic society and can not respond to the social development and requirement. The undergraduate course of Physical Education, as a part of it, has faced the same problem. How to adjust to the demand of economic contruction, technological advancement and the social development? Establishing majors properly, optimizing the major layout and structure, underlining the characteristics of talents training in our nation's general Physical Education, are the need for Physical Education better serving for society and the powerful guarantee for the sustainable development of Physical Education and even sports undertaking in our nation.Based on the previous research, the thesis presents the historical development, analyzes the current situation, summarizes the characteristics of the undergrate Physical Education majoy setting in our nation's general higher education, and then put forward the appropriate majoy structure according to the modern society's demand for the undergraduate Physical Education.Conclusions can be got from the reseach as follows:1.From 1952 onwards, the Physical Education in our nation's regular higher education has experienced three stages:the initial simplicity, generalization, and scientification or called standardization, and four considerable reforms and adjustments of major structure.2.Physical education, as a part of higher education, has achieved a certain scope, cultivated a array of special talents of sports, and contributed a lot to our country's prosperity, our nation's promotion and the development of the sports undertaking in the half century. However, there are also some problems badly in need of solution:1) Major settings are over-unified.2) Major structure is not so appropriate and major development not balanced.3) The majoy naming is not normative.4) Majoy confinement is vague and the scope of majoy setting are not reasonable; 5) Majoy culture construction is far from enough, and short of characteristics and brands; 6) Majoy layout is not rational either.3.Comprehensive analysis in ordinary colleges of PE major problems existing in the development and its reason, mainly in the following aspects:1) the social development and the development of sports industry of regional difference prompted several major professional structure and expanding the regional differences,2) students and people's values are restricted professional setting university,3) college professional setting insufficient autonomy,4) surveillance assessment management weakening,5) to the purpose of colleges, and the lack of scientific unified planning,6) discipline organization set mode and the mechanism of the development of professional restriction interdisciplinary,7) subject foundation weak cause course overlap,8) professional adjustment in professional situation too costly unified 9) professional curing form waking professional pattern.4.To regulate major names, widen majoy scope, and clear major bounds, Phisical Education should be renamed Body Education major, Sports Training be renamed Sports Athletics, Social Physical Education renamed Sports Entertainment Major, and Traditional Ethnic Sports should be cancelled and with martial art as the direction, brought into the other majors to develop. And also we should strenghthen the exploitation of the other traditional ethnic sports programmes. Human Movement Science as a subject should be introduced to the subject system of every major, not to be an independent major.5.The undergraduate Physical Education major in the New Periods could be considered to be regrouped——set Body Education, Traditional Ethnic Sports, Human Movement Science as the core content. On the basis, focus on the new subject, major and bring them into the whole structure. And also reinforce the construction of Sports Athletics and Sports Entertainment Major so as to promote the steady development of sports cause.6.Make proper use of resources, bring Body Education, Sports Athletics and Sports Entertainment Major into different types of colleges, and thus launch special Physical Education colleges and brand majors. For example, introduce Body Education into normal P.E. universities and colleges, Sports Athletics into single-subject P.E. colleges, and Sports Entertainment into comprehensive universities, and therefore come into being a scientific and unified-planned teaching levels.7.In the new period of the respective undergraduate professional sports training curriculum system, the special kinds of sports talents, and formed a "liberal"+"experts" personnel training system.
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