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Research On The Present Situation Of Difficult Movements And Training Of Gansu Province Colleges' Competitiveaerobic Team

Posted on:2011-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330338977305Subject:Physical Education and Training
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China's Competitive Gymnastics skills rapidly, many times in international competition gold medal, and the high My high school is to train personnel Competitive Aerobics main force. Provincial competitive level of college athletics the club and personnel training will affect our high-quality Aerobics key personnel. Gansu Province through the difficulty of College Athletic calisthenics action status and training of research to identify impact of Gansu Province, the development of college calisthenics factors, and better promote the sport of college calisthenics technical levels. In recent years, Gansu Province on College Sports Aerobics gradually increase the degree of attention, has included in Sports Aerobics University Games in Gansu Province to the official events. Further understanding through the game of college calisthenics in Gansu Province's current development status and level of training, conduct research, identify problems, propose a solution, helping improve the Gansu Province level college calisthenics.This paper documents, investigation, video analysis, mathematical statistics and logical analysis of the first students to participate in Gansu Province Calisthenics Match of all colleges and universities to conduct research calisthenics, the main conclusions are as follows:1. Gansu Province Athletics Coaches College is relatively young, more female coaches; most of the coaches did not exercise experienced, high-level athletes in training are subject to certain restrictions; coaches fewer opportunities to receive training learning, in the collection data and information, learn cutting-edge Aerobics developments, to grasp the rules change, adjust the training program affected to some extent; research capacity low, training is not the system.2. Gansu Colleges Athletic Gymnastics Training period is generally short, weeks less training time, not reached at least 15 hours per week effective training time; athletes reserve forces is not perfect, students narrow channels; athletes fewer opportunities to participate in the competition, there is no movement-based majority of non-sports professional athletes; physical difference; athletes training motivation is not correct, target is not strong.3. The current competitive calisthenics University in Gansu Province is generally low level of difficulty of movement. Through the first University Games in Gansu Province Difficulty of Aerobics Competition comprehensive analysis found that arrangement of complete sets of action there is a big problem, D group of the highest utilization rate of Difficulty, Difficulty lack of a more serious group of phenomena; Difficulty overall score Select low, mainly in 0.3 points and 0.4 points, and difficult to move the low completion rates; Difficulty category selection diversity is not enough; difficult combination of diverse and innovative; athletes with poor balance and flexibility.4. Gansu Province selected university athletic training calisthenics Difficulty score low, choose a single category; Difficulty basic rational training methods, but the power quality, flexibility, there are still some quality problems, leading to players in the competition there mistakes, and even cause was the main reason.5. Calisthenics for Gansu Province Difficulty university competitive situation and problems in training and to offer suggestions:Gansu Province Universities should actively Aerobics Sports Training, and Aerobics Competition in all its forms continue to organize and strengthen the exchanges between universities to promote the University in Gansu Province's Development of Competitive Aerobics;Should step Aerobics Reserve personnel, and promote the development of high school sports aerobics. Athletic Calisthenics focus of early training, aerobics solid technical foundation laid. Currently high schools schools Aerobics Jingyuan only one, two, three, four, fifth and seven in Lanzhou, there is no better Aerobics has been popularized in schools, resulting in narrow channels Enrollment player, back-up shortage of talent;Strengthen coach of instruction and close attention to domestic and foreign Competitive Aerobics developments, scientific understanding and mastery of new technologies and new methods open up new technical theory and Xunlian continuously upgrade the coaches of the professional;Improve the research capacity of coaches can solve the practical problems that exist in training, seeking to optimize training methods, to strengthen research and training in close connection with the ultimate aim of raising technical level Aerobics purpose;Gansu Province to take years of college calisthenics, systematic, ongoing pattern of scientific training to enhance the athlete's physical, grasp the difficulty of the training process in action related factors, to enhance the training and infrastructure building and improvement provide strong conditions for sports training.
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