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A Study On The Relationship Of " 2 X 2 " Achievement Goal Orientation, Self-esteem And Self-handicapping In Sport

Posted on:2011-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330338983854Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Today the Achievement Goal Orientation Theory of Achievement Motivation Theory is the study of advanced topic, is the hot topics of Sports Psychology Research. In this study, based on sports psychology in the theoretical source of achievement goal orientation, concepts, theories and research status on the basis of detailed comments, in the same time, used the College athletes for research object to field sampling survey. Adopted the revised of "2×2 achievement goal orientation in sport questionnaire", Using exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis and correlation analysis, through analysis, etc. Explore in Sport the 2×2 achievement goal orientation in athletes of different gender exist differences, and it has Correlation with self-esteem, self-handicapping. And constructing the relationship of structural equation model of achievement goal orientation, self-esteem and self-handicapping. Explore self-esteem as intermediary variable in achievement goal orientation and the self-handicapping, and according to the results of the study in sports, how to improve self-esteem, determine the correct goal orientation, prevention of self-handicapping psychology bring forward comments and suggestions.The research results are as follows:First, the amendment of the sport in the achievement goal orientation questionnaire has good reliability and validity. And verify the achievement goal orientation in sport has four-factor structure, namely: mastery approach goal orientation, mastery avoidance goal orientation, performance approach goal orientation and performance avoidance goal orientation. Second, the achievement goal orientation of different gender have differences between athletes, the results showed that men and women athletes in achievement goal orientation only performance approach on whether there exist significant differences, male athletes than female athletes have more mastery approach goal, mastery avoidance goal and performance approach goal, female athletes than male athletes have more performance avoidance goal.Third, to explore that the connection with the dimensions of the achievement goal orientation,self-esteem and self-handicapping. The results show that the mastery approach goal and performance approach goal positive correlation with the self-esteem, and negative correlation with the self-handicapping; mastery avoidance goal negative correlation with the self-esteem , positive correlation with the self-handicapping; performance avoidance goal has not relevant with the self-esteem, but it positives correlation with the self-handicapping; negative correlation between self-esteem and self-handicapping.Fourth, discusses the intermediary effect of self-esteem, the results show that four factors of achievement goal orientation by both self-esteem for intermediary and through directly influence the self-handicapping.The research has theoretical and practical value of the two aspects of meaning, specific as follows:(1) The Theoretical ValueAlthough the theory of achievement goal orientation by foreign sports psychology extensively, but the workers in domestic sports psychology less involved in this concept, sports of achievement goal orientation of sports behavior and the explanatory and predictability in China is still needs further examination and perfect. Therefore, this research reviewed on the basis of previous studies, Using four factors of achievement goal orientation theory structure to study. And primarily discussed the relationship between self-esteem, self-handicapping, on the basis of relevant relations among that self-esteem has the role as intermediary variable. To expand the relevant achievement goal orientation and research contents of self-esteem, and in this field of research provides a new perspective, it is good for the further study.(2) practical valueIn recent years, because of the social fiercer competition,the students' psychological state is certain aspects of adverse effects. So how to keep a good state of mind and emotions is the questions that every students should be solve. How to get good mood after exercise, self-esteem experiencing, and achievement experience in preventing adverse mentality is engaged in the activities of the students' future motive. This research discussed that the relationship of the goal orientation and self-esteem, self-handicapping, it can provides theoretical basis for students to develop good target. Through the structure of the achievement goal orientation theory research in sports, we can analyze the sports activities motivation from the angle of the activities target. It improved the operation of the sport motivation level of research, and promoted the development of the technology, It is good for that to create a good atmosphere of classroom motivation.In the same time, on the basis of relevant relations among that self-esteem has the role as intermediary variable, it can let us understand the role of self-esteem. In order to realizing that the important and major purposes of self-esteem in Sport. Ensure that the students can better understand of the self, increase the self-worth, enhancement their self-confidence to achieve the best training state, achieve the best performance, to promote the healthy development of the body.According to the research results, proposed the suggestions of that establish the correct goal orientation of the athletes and improve the training effect:We must actively create the motive climate of mastery approach goal and correctly used mastery avoidance goal in Sport. Whether the manager or sports coaches should cultivate the performance approach goal, and at once establish healthy competition system. However the author suggests that the performance avoidance goal can use before the game, it will help the athletes to reduce pressure. In ordinary training, we must pay attention to improve the effect of the self-esteem, reduce the self-handicapping.
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