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Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling In Gansu Province Kneeling Athletes Technical Analysis

Posted on:2012-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330341950593Subject:Human Movement Science
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Wrestling is one of the most ancient sports, International Olympic wrestling gold medal in a major key, in the modern competitive sports occupy an important position. Gansu Province, Greco-Roman wrestling team since its inception in October 1984, despite domestic and international competition have also made good results, but recent sharp decline in performance, resulting in performance decline for many reasons, and technical factors that affect sports performance Key factors. Through access to a lot of literature and classical style of Gansu Province, visited the wrestling team found that many times, kneeling low success rate of technology use is the classical style of Gansu Province, the main wrestling team competition results. Kneeling technology is the Greco-Roman wrestling match, and scored higher rate of utilization of a technology, use of technology is good or bad kneeling directly determines the competition results. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the theory of classical-style wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling for the Gansu Province of bridge rolling techniques kneeling system analysis and suggest improvements for the classical-style wrestling team of Gansu Province to provide theoretical support for scientific training.In this study, high levels of Gansu Province, Greco-Roman wrestling athletes kneeling reasons for the low success rate, 11 in Gansu Province classical high kneeling Wrestlers bridge rolling techniques as the research object, the use of literature, expert interviews , High-speed image capture and other research methods to collect relevant information and a large number of experimental data, the use of moving image analysis and mathematical statistics on the players kneeling technical parameters of rolling bridge, combined athlete indicators, specific indicators and physical fitness training in peacetime Arrangements, Gansu Province, Greco-Roman wrestling athletes kneeling action bridge rolling techniques for diagnosis, to identify technical problems in athletes and their causes, the corresponding improvements. The main conclusions are as follows:(1) Greco-Roman wrestling athletes in Gansu Province to carry out professional training time later (5 years), players will lack the quality of professionalism, technical and tactical capabilities of the system, the accumulation of training and competition experience.(2) From the body shape perspective, Gansu Province, Greco-Roman wrestling athletes in addition to height and body shape indices lower than the domestic elite athletes, the other indexes basically reached the level of outstanding domestic players.(3) Preparation phase, Holding phase and The very hip clip into the bridge phase of kneeling the whole technology of bridge rolling critical stage, very hip with the time period too long into the bridge leading to the classical-style wrestling team of Gansu Province kneeling technical success rate was lower rolling bridge the main reason(4) For start-up knee and hip joint angular velocity is too small, lack of leg extensor strength and slower reaction athletes ready to start-up phase leading to the main use of technical reasons the time is too long.(5) Clamp knee kicking phase is insufficient time for long period of holding the main folder to technical factors, and athletes on the body's nervous system control and speed of response of athletes is also a way of holding the stage of a longer clip non-technical factors.(6) Of the hip quite a long time as the main reason for the bridge phase is the starting point of bridge too small hip flexion and extension of bridge phase angle of the hip caused by too small, resulting in both cases the most athletes due to the direct force of hip and lumbar abdominal strength small.(7) Players roll the bridge stage in the shoulder and hip development effort in the wrong order, leading to a slow rolling bridge the main technical reasons.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gansu Province, Greco-Roman wrestling athletes, Kneeling Technology, Rolling Bridge, Explosive force
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