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Research On The Influence Of The New Rules On The Greco-roman Wrestling Technology Of China

Posted on:2012-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330335961175Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Wrestling is a sports game that direct contact whit two people for a fight, which is according to certain rules with hand Competing and can be used a variety of techniques, skills and methods to fall opponents, including the Greco-Roman wrestling and the Freestyle wrestling. The Greco-Roman wrestling in our country had be developed in later, although the competitive level being progressed quickly in recent years, there are still a wide gap between the world powers. Contest rules are contest guidelines and rules that have a close dialectical relationship with the development of sports technology. It directly restricts the development in direction and speed of the sports technology. Therefore, we must understand and master the change information of the contest rules in time, use the existing rules to guide the training and competition, which can be helped the Greco-Roman wrestling be developed more better and faster in China.The research object in this paper is the changes in using of the Men's Greco-Roman wrestling technology since the wrestling rules be modified in 2009. The research methods include literature data, statistics, expert interviews and video analysis. By analyzing the situation in use of wrestling technique of the top eight athletes with the seven levels of the tenth National Games in 2005 and the eleventh National Games in 2009, we summarize the following conclusions:1. Through the research on the game of Men's Greco-Roman Wrestling in China National Games, we concluded that the proportion of ground holding technology in technical utilization is being down, but it is still mainly using technology in the competition. And the bridge technology already to substitute the lifting technology becomes the main utilization technology in the ground holding technology.2. To stands along with the rule falls the time the extension, standing technology be in a larger proportion, its status to highlight day after day, and the technical utilization quality maybe will decide the competition's trend.3. The shifting technology, the hug folding technology and so on exquisite technology widely to utilize in the standing technology, they will be obtained the prioritize. In addition, each kind of technical movement's combination and the engagement multiplicity, the special skill technology's formation and the utilization will obtain the powerful development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wrestling rules in 2009, Greco-Roman Wrestling, The using of technology, China
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