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Study On Features Of Training For Adolescent Greco-roman Wrestling Sportsman In Stage Of Specific Training

Posted on:2012-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330374996721Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Recently, Chinese greco-roman wrestler had received several good achievements inthe international wrestling games, greco-roman wrestling had became the comparativeadvantage sport. But we still have shortage in greco-roman wrestling, comparing withforeign states which is traditional wrestling champion in the world. These areobjective shortage in various aspects. The training of reserve is an importantfoundation for sustainably developing and sharply progressing one sport, additional,training for adolescent sportsmen is the key of training of reserve. Recently, ourresearches on training of adolescent sportsmen just included coaches’ summaries andexperiences about means and methods of training, but it’s lacking of deeply researchand investigation. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to find out the currenttraining of adolescent greco-roman wrestling sportsman in stage of specific training inorder to help coaches revise and improve training.This article accumulated and sorted the current training of adolescent greco-romanwrestling sportsman in stage of specific training by methods of literature-research,questionnaire, observation and interviewing experts, and found out the shortages incurrent training of adolescent greco-roman wrestling sportsman in stage of specifictraining,with comparing the it to literatures, current adolescent guideline and key oftraining form foreign states which is traditional wrestling champion in the world. Theresult shows that:(1)Our adolescent wrestling sportsman had definite purpose on training andenthusiasm on wrestling,which means the foundation for long-term training is well.(2)In current training of adolescent greco-roman wrestling sportsman in stageof specific training, there are general emphasis on training of physical fitness andneglect on training of technique,(3)Adolescent sportsmen have less chance to take part in the games, such as1or2times, so they didn’t get enough ability to deal the problems at the environmentof competition. (4)There is phenomena of earlier specific training in the process of training onour adolescent greco-roman wrestling sportsman.(5)The guideline for training adolescent sportsmen is critical for our process oftraining on our adolescent greco-roman wrestling sportsman, but coaches did notexecute well.There are some suggestions in order to solve the problem we found above:(1)Vigorously popularize wrestling, further improve the corresponding systemsof management, training and competition.(2)Do well in cultivation and re-education of coaches, innovate and improveassessment-methods of coaches’ ability.(3)strengthen related theory-research on teen-agers training, improve the levelof support from research.
Keywords/Search Tags:greco-roman wrestling, adolescence, features of training
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