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Shanxi Province Menís Greco-Roman Wrestling Athletes Physical Quality Characteristics

Posted on:2017-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Development of Greco-Roman wrestling sport, physical fitness level of athletes demanding. Changes in the new rules is the physical strength of Greco-Roman wrestling athletes, speed,endurance, flexibility and agility composition has a higher demand.Menís Greco-Roman wrestling by Specialized Physical Training in Shanxi province are analyzed to determine the main factors affecting the quality of the different levels Wrestlers movement,establishing the focus of the current direction of the athletes physical breakthrough for the project in Shanxi Province Greco-Roman wrestling coaches and athletes provide specific viable frame of reference, so that Shanxi men Greco-Roman wrestling to the smooth development of physical training level.In Menís Greco-Roman Wrestlers special physical characteristics of Shanxi Province as the research object, and part of the municipal sports schools in Shanxi Province Tigongdadui Greco-Roman Wrestlers 60 people, a large level of 30 people, the small level of 30 people. The selected 25 test items for testing and factor analysis to determine the physical characteristics of different quality levels of Greco-Roman wrestling athletes, based on this analysis for Shanxi menís Greco-Roman wrestler physicaltraining arrangements, methods and means, to understand man in Shanxi Province Greco-Roman wrestling physical training features.Approach to the study of literature research, survey research,interviews, testing and mathematical statistics and so on.The results showed that the physical characteristics of Shanxi big man small level and the level of classical style wrestlers.(1)Absolute Speed: 100 meter Race contrast, small and medium-level classical wrestler demonstrate higher absolute speed characteristics.(2) Maximum power: the bench press, bench pull,squat, clean and jerk and the push-performance comparison, the large level classical wrestler reflect a stronger force characteristics;(3) Strength Endurance: maximum pulling force in Kettlebell 70% of the performance comparison, large level classical wrestler reflect a stronger strength endurance characteristics;(4)sensitive: in contrast to the results in the reaction run, small and medium-level classical wrestler demonstrate higher sensitivity characteristics. Shanxi menís small and medium-level and high-level Greco-Roman Wrestlers there was no significant difference in anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance, speed,strength and flexibility of each project. Factor analysis showed that:Action reaction, the maximum strength and power sensitive are the main physical characteristics of small and medium-level menís Greco-Roman wrestlers; maximum strength, endurance flexibility quality, sensitive quality is the main physical characteristics of the large level of menís Greco-Roman wrestler. Greco-Roman wrestling according to different levels of physical characteristics, reasonable arrangements for general physical training and special physicaltraining, physical training to make more appropriate ways and means to different physical characteristics killed Menís Greco-Roman Wrestlers Shanxi Province.
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