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Diagnosis And Evaluation Of The Special Force Development Level Of Greco-roman Wrestling Athletes

Posted on:2015-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330473467550Subject:Sports training
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Full participation by men in Shandong Province of the Twelfth National Classical wrestling Team Games scientific and technological services, Track record of training for key players in the development process and changes in competitive strength, On this basis, Together with coaches from training arrangements, control and evaluation of diagnostic science perspective,Around the platform to establish the theory of personality and strength of the internal law of a major competition before the state Athletic Control and other issues in-depth summary and analysis, Case study aims to explain the strength platform for competitive wrestling training in the practical application of value, Continuously improve athletic power work platform, For the province wrestling and other physical training events with scientific basis for the theory and reality.In this study, literature, expert surveys, tracking observation, case studies and logical analysis, Classical wrestling team in Shandong Province Elite object of study, Personality strength athletes around the start of the study to establish the platform, the following conclusions:1. Classical wrestling class athletes special strength platform technology through the elbow,1 minutes to fall prostrate bag, two hands supporting disc, Vientiane prone group body close, bench press, bench pull, rubbing, squatting, squatting up before take-off, turned around 11 indicators turn and Rao run to reflect.2. Determination of individual athletes through regular competitive strength platform for key indicators, Can be a real and effective training process to reflect player problems, In turn, can implement targeted interventions to ensure the strength and level of athletic development to the target.3. Results show that for the wrestling athletes outstanding personality strength platform established by a scientific and feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Greco-Roman wrestling, Special force, Diagnosis and evaluation
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