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A Study On The Reasonable Allocation Of The Graduates Resource In HuBei Province

Posted on:2002-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360032953479Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Talking from the aspect of resources, the main resources which influence the development of economy are natural resources, capital resources, information resources and human resources. But the effective exploitation and utilization of the first three kinds of resources are under the control of human resources. The development of modern economy shows that the influence of human resources upon economic development is decided by the part of human resources who have a comparatively higher competence. And college graduates are a group who have a good command of knowledge of modern science and technology. They are high -quality human resources. To allocate this part of human resources and to change them into real productivity will have positive and profound influence on economic development and social progress in our country. Because of this, this dissertation attempts to probe systematically into the problem of reasonable allocating college students as high-quality human resources under the background of the expJoitation and utilization of human resources. On the analysis of the internal and external relations of reasonable allocation of college graduates, it focuses on the patterns of reasonable allocation of college graduates. It points out that to optimize the allocation of college graduates under the market economy is the joint result of supplying party, demanding party and mediating agency. Upon this, this dissertation provides concrete channels and measurements of building a assurance system of reasonable allocating of college graduates in Hubei province. There are four innovative points in this dissertation. First, it redefines the role of college graduates. They are human resources and at the same time subject of market allocating patterns of resources. This helps college graduates, their parents and even the whole society to rerecognize the role of college graduates, and role expectation will be accordingly changed. Secondly, some basic ideas about human resources management in the west are adopted. On resource allocation, westerners insist on the point of view 慣he right people for this job?in managing human resources. The same idea II is carried out in this dissertation. A great number of college graduates have been squeezing into big cities and into a small number of trades. On the contrary, & agriculture and tertiary industry which have great need of manpower can hardly enroll and retain their human resources. This is far from the basic requirement of human resources management. And this is also the basis of this dissertation. Thirdly, this paper proposes the human resources allocation patterns and mechanism for college graduates, which will promote the social development of Hubei province. The patterns and mechanism are different from conventional ones. Finally, in order to weep the patterns and mechanism in normal operation, this paper proposes an assurance system, which involves factors inside and outside higher education. This assurance system is built upon the ajustment of its internal structure and the improvement of its external environment. That is to say, the objectives and structure of higher education should be readjusted and human resources market and government behaviors should be standardized outside higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reasonable Allocation Patterns, College Graduates Resources, Assurance System
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