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The Research Of Operating Mechanisms Of Amalgamating University

Posted on:2004-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360092997644Subject:Higher Education
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Higher education of our country is further developing and begins changing from the elementary stage where our country mainly improve the external relations of university to the senior stage where our country regulates the interior structures and function relations of university. The research of operating mechanisms of university is exploratory research that is aimed at the interior of amalgamating university. Operating mechanisms of university are the motive power that can make amalgamating university smoothly operate and develop. Mechanism can cause certain automatic function. As amalgamating university forms effective mechanism, the whole university system can produce efficiency of "Needn't raise whip exert oneself by oneself. Therefore, the analysis of operating mechanisms of university contributes to the realization of substantive integration of amalgamating university and improvement of efficiency of university management and teaching quality, thus our country can really set up a lot of comprehensive universities that have complete discipline category and larger scale in order to improve the international competition of higher education of our country.The first part of the thesis expounds the general fundamentals and concepts of operating mechanisms of university in detail, including function requirements , structure characters , supporting terms and operating principles, fundamentals, ways, etc. Then it expounds the fact that how our country establishes operating mechanisms of amalgamating university .At the base of the operating conditions of university that hasn't merged and has been merged, the thesis puts forward concrete theories and operation problems that are related to the building of operating mechanisms of amalgamating university. In order to grasp the operating conditions of amalgamating university in time, the thesis puts forward the evaluation mechanism that is beneficial to the operation of university.The evaluation systems of amalgamating university should be controlled by self-organization, then it can make the interaction of various essential factors of the evaluated system form coordinating effect and give impetus to the development and interaction of amalgamating university. Lastly, the thesis analyzes and studies the operating conditions of Wuhan University of Technology. Then it draws a conclusion: although operating mechanisms of amalgamating university have some common characters, it is very important for every amalgamating university to set up operating mechanisms which are suitable for conditions of one's own in light of the location and objective.
Keywords/Search Tags:Operating mechanisms, Amalgamating university, Evaluation, Self-organization.
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