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Research On The Operational Mechanism Of University Interdisciplinary Academic Organization

Posted on:2022-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Innovation is the first driving force for development.Promoting interdisciplinary research is an objective requirement and an inevitable trend for the country to build an innovation system and enhance the scientific research and innovation capabilities of universities.Under the guidance of national policies,Chinese universities are actively exploring ways to promote interdisciplinary integration and establishing various interdisciplinary academic organizations.As an innovation in the scientific research system and mechanism,the establishment of interdisciplinary academic organizations provides an important platform guarantee for the promotion of interdisciplinary research in universities.While undertaking national and school scientific research tasks,it also contributes to teaching,knowledge dissemination,application of results,regional participation,and national Innovation has played an important role.Interdisciplinary academic organizations in universities break the traditional academic organization structure and embody a high degree of interdisciplinary and comprehensive characteristics.It is not only a sublation and transcendence of traditional models,but also a reintegration of traditional disciplines.However,due to the complexity and instability of the structure,it is difficult for interdisciplinary academic organizations to form an effective operating mechanism,which makes it difficult for the organization to perform effectively and achieve leapfrog development.Based on the above analysis,according to the logic of historical review,organizational model construction,operation mechanism construction and optimization suggestions,combined with organizational cooperation theory,structure theory and ecosystem theory,this study uses literature research,historical research,content analysis and other research methods.The research finds that the evolution of interdisciplinary academic organizations in our country has experienced three stages: germination,formation and development.In the process of evolution,it mainly relies on five paths: complexity of social problems,external policy function,comprehensive development of University,integration of disciplines and development of similar organizations.It is faced with three obstacles: policy environment,cultural value and institutional mechanism.At present,the university interdisciplinary academic organization mainly has three main structural types: functional,matrix and extension,and three types of operation modes,namely,interdisciplinary research group,interdisciplinary research center and University Research Institute.Based on the analysis of the evolution and structure of the organization,this paper summarizes the characteristics of the effective operation of the cross disciplinary organizations in China by analyzing the articles of association of 15 representative universities in China.Combined with the ecosystem theory,the paper analyzes the ecological environment system in which the organization operates,and then constructs the interdisciplinary organization operation mechanism.The main operating mechanism includes benefit coordination mechanism,power balance mechanism,cultural blending mechanism,internal and external coordination mechanism and innovation driving mechanism.Finally,based on the system construction and operation mechanism,the paper puts forward three suggestions to promote the effective operation of interdisciplinary organizations in China from three aspects: strengthening strategic policy guidance,establishing equal discipline dialogue mechanism and perfecting the system mechanism of organizational management.This paper has 10 figures,7 tables and 69 references.
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