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Research On Construction Of University Discipline Team Based On The Learning Organization Theory

Posted on:2016-04-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330479497681Subject:Administrative Management
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Learning Organization, with the ability to its internal strong individual learning and organizational learning, has been rapidly gaining mindshare in management scholars and other sectors of society and has become a new model of organizational development. Learning organization theory has been introduced to China since the late 1990 s.Many scholars have their access to the in-depth study and discussion, and the community organizations are trying to apply it to the actual construction of the organization, such as the creation of a government with learning organization features, enterprises, schools and other types of organizations. Theoretical study and practical application of learning organization in C hina has achieved initial results. In order to improve the competitiveness of college, building high- level university, promote the development of university and disciplinary construction of universities steady and fast, the necessity of the construction of university dis ciplinary team has become more apparent. Disciplinary team level influence on the overall level of university, and take the mission of university personnel training, scientific research and teaching, and social services. In today’s rapid technological deve lopment, discipline team should also be a learning-disciplinary team, learning to cope with change and external challenges and progress with the times and progress. However, in the current study the existing disciplinary teams, not yet introduced the learning organization theory applied into the actual construction of the multidisciplinary team, nor did establish a clear learning disciplinary team.In this paper, based on the existing learning organization theory and concepts of multidisciplinary team, study the contents of the learning organization and discipline team building characteristics, significance, principles and requirements, and through field research, accumulated experience in the discipline office intern, read a large number of the literature, summary the existing problems in the disciplinary team building. Select the appropriate analytical tools Petri nets constructed a learning discipline team model, and proposed the current practices in establishment of a learning-disciplinary team.The theory of learning organization discipline fully combined with team building in this paper, results not only enrich the learning organization theory, but also provides a new model for reference of team building discipline. The learning organization theory applied into the discipline team building, not only provides theoretical support for the multidisciplinary team-building, but also expanded the practice of learning organization theory. Analog building a learning disciplinary team model also have some practical significance on enhance the overall strength of the college level, along with the appropriate theoretical and practical foundation for the construction of the late-disciplinary team.
Keywords/Search Tags:multidisciplinary team, learning organization, learning disciplinary team, operating mode
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