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The Study On Innovation Abilities In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2005-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122987690Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Implementing innovational education and cultivating the students'innovation spirit are the kernel of our country carrying on education reformand implementing quality education. Vocational secondary education which isthe import part of our education system takes on the task of cultivating thestudents' innovation spirit and innovation abilities. This is the newrequirement for vocational secondary education in current times and currentsociety. At present, vocational secondary schools face serious crisis of survivingand development, to implement innovational education and to cultivate thestudents' innovation spirit and innovation abilities are the important way tosolve the problems the vocational secondary schools face. The aim of innovative education is to bring up the innovative personswith ability. The most characteristic of them is that they have the ability of theinnovation, that is, they have the innovative thinking in the practice and cansolve the problems of life and work on their own initiative. At present, middlevocational school should bring the feature of running the school into play,change traditional thought of "education for exam" totally and learn from theforeign experience carefully, especially American and Japanese experience ofinnovative education so that it can make use of every element of education,such as curriculum, teacher and ministration and so on to cultivate student'sinnovative ability. Vocational secondary schools ought to bring into their characteristics, andthoroughly change the traditional "education only to deal with examinations".And vocational secondary schools should learn the lessons on vocationalsecondary education from foreign countries. This can make every aspects ofvocational secondary education to serve the development of students'innovation abilities of vocational secondary schools. At the same time internal reforms of vocational secondary schools,Attention should be paid the effect of the enterprises and environment ofsocieties...
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational secondary schools, innovational education, innovation abilities, development research
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