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A Study On Educational Quality Assurance System Of Master Education In China

Posted on:2007-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360182980516Subject:Higher Education
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Ever since the expansion of matriculation of undergraduate students began in 1999,the master education has been rapidly increasing, especially the shocking development of the scale of master education, which is ever increasing by 30%each year. The rapid increase in the number of past-graduate students has brought people's attention to the quality of education. Quality serves as the lifeblood and the crucial foundation of the continuing improvement of master education. It has become a core issue in the research field of Chinese Master education as how to guarantee and improve the education quality, and also how to establish a scientific and standard system. Thus, under such circumstances, it is both theoretically and practically crucial to establish a complete and characteristically suitable system to ensure the quality of Chinese Master education. Theoretically speaking, it can enrich the pedagogical theory and helps to gain a more complete understanding of the essential quality of Master education. Moreover, it also allows for further research in the field. As for the practical aspect, it provides operational and institutional assistance in holding the quality from falling down, which is indispensable to cultivate high-qualified and creative talents adhering to the contemporary requirement.This paper takes the practical needs of current development of Master education in our country into consideration, and conforms to the recent require from the aspect of social, economical, scientific and cultural development. It has adopted the successful experience of Master education abroad and made profound analyses in literature review online information, contrastive study and case study. The main factors influencing the education quality and concerning strategies of quality assurance system have been induced. It seeks to establish an environmentally and practically suitable system in order to guarantee and improve the quality of Chinese Master Education.Some basic strategies of decreasing the negative influences of the education have also been pointed out in my paper. First it analyzes the system of quality assurance abroad. Second it analyzes the factors influencing the quality of Master education in China and the major problems. The importance in the paper is to establish a quality assurance system of Master education in China. This paper aims to offer some advice for the existing problems on the basis of the establishment of the system, for the hope of offering some positive assistance to the establishment of a scientific quality system of Master education over the country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Master education, education quality, quality assurance system
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