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Research On The Internal Quality Assurance System Of Master Degree Graduation In China

Posted on:2010-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275496095Subject:Higher Education
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Master degree Postgraduate education is a independent level in our country, which occupies a very important position. With the college enrollment, the quality of postgraduate education increasingly is the prominent problem of the society's concern, In the situation of the expansion of the scale, how to assure the quality of master degree postgraduate education is very important.Based on our country's overall development of postgraduate education in the foreign Master degree Postgraduate education quality assurance models and the Master degree Postgraduate education quality assurance models in our country , according to the idea of an overview of the quality of graduate education quality to explore and analyses the questions in the Master degree Postgraduate education quality assurance system and set up Master degree candidate quality of education security system, to promote our country master normal development and to raise continuously quality of graduate education according to the questions.The text first sums up the characteristics of Master degree Postgraduate education, then defines several associated concepts about education quality and the idea of Master degree Postgraduate education quality, pointing out the criterions of educational quality . In order to make a further analysis on the essence and evolution law of the models, the dissertation makes a comparative study on the formation and the development of the quality assurance models in domestic and international countries: the state-control model -- the state power is the leading factor in quality assurance in Master degree Postgraduate controlled, and quality assurance becomes a policy tool for the state to control its higher education system, and the overall quality as well as the steady development of Master degree Postgraduate education can be guaranteed; the market-oriented model, market adjustment is the leading factor, and government, university and society all take market as inter media to realize their respective quality demands; The collaboration model is referred to as one in which the government collaborates with universities on quality assurance, and to some extent, a balance is achieved between autonomy and accountability. We can get the questions in domestic Master degree Postgraduate education quality assurance system and find the solutions to the questions by analyzing the models.
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