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A Study On Social Efficiency Of Project Disbursed By Non-profit Organization

Posted on:2008-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212481113Subject:Business management
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All countries, especially developing countries, are confronted with a fundamental economic problem that how to utilize limited resource rationally to increase a public welfare furthest. The allocation of social resources mainly embodies in society project, so the effective allocation of resources embodies in the valuation to society project.In the traditional western economic, the above basic economic problem is given to the market to solve. However, massive practices proved that pure market mechanism certainly cannot obtain the biggest welfare, but it possibly causes the resources exhausted, the environmental pollution and the ecology unbalanced, so it will lead to the polarization and bring all sorts of social questions. Especially, the benefit of social projects is unable to control by the market behavior. There are many valuations about the society projects at present in the domestic and foreign academic circles, but most of the valuations are qualitative researches, and the minority quantitative investigations also staies in the formula. They are all lack of practical and effective appraisal methods.The appraisal method of social project in this article has provided the new train of thought. Principal component analysis is drawn into the benefit appraisal of social project to solve the question of quantification of stationary index. Its principle is to use dimensionality reduction to transform the multi-targets to the several minority targets which are not related to each other. In the practical application, the dimensions of targets are often different, therefore primary data should be standardized and the influence of the dimension should be eliminated first before computation. But the data in this article are all about the degree of satisfaction, so they do not have the dimension influence and therefore needn't carry on the data standardization. Using the model, this article has the superiority of the data processing. Therefore, this article chooses principal components analysis model to carry on the appraisal of social benefit of project disbursed by non-profit organization.The value of the tagets can be selected according to the project, but the appraisal method is general. The model can be used to place the similar project in different areas. This procedure is helpful for auditors to grasp the overall situation of a project construction more comprehensively and accurately, profoundly analyze, search the latent problems, to some profession, carry on the early warning to the development of some profession, area and even the entire national society, and propose stronger macroscopic countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project disbursement, Social efficiency appraisal, Degree of satisfaction, Non-profit organization
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