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The Analysis Of The Power Factors Of The Development Of Non-profit Organization

Posted on:2007-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360212459290Subject:Administrative Management
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At present,there is so unprecedented reform in our entire society. The consummation of marketive economical system, political system reform and social structure transformation, all require a perfect social domain support, so that the marketive economy and the democratical politics can move effectively. Therefore the development of NPO (Non-povernmental Organization) appears so urgently for our county. But in the reality, our NPO is just in preliminary stage and also has many problems. It is not symmetric with NPO'heavy responsibility entrusted by the ages. So there is important theory and practical significance that in the research of power factors of NPO and then impels it to develop healthily.This article tries har to research in the power factors of NPO from following aspects: demand motive, benefit stimulation, social organization structure, the function change,"two department malfunctions"and organizing internal government, and so on. In the research, through the massive foundation material analysis, and using the philosophy analysis, the comparative analysis, the standard analysis and the real diagnosis and quantity analysis and so on many kinds of methods to must sought to make a profit the power factor which the group developed to carry on from the theory to the reality, from the overseas experience to the domestic practice various proof.The article innovation mainly manifests in embarks from the Marx anthropology angle, the union developed country and the developing nation different historical period must seeks to make a profit organization's model, enriched has needed to take must sought to make a profit the organization to develop the driving force theory, and elaborated altogether under the natural disposition society from the benefit angle must to seek to make a profit the inevitability which the organization developed, proposed the benefit differentiation and benefit sharing took must sought to make a profit the important agent which the organization developed in the different historical period function to be different.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-profit Organization(NPO), Needs, The benefit, Society reformation, Two malfunction, Organization govern
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