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Comparative Research On The Curriculum Provision Of The Physical Education Major Between China And America.

Posted on:2008-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Many countries around the world committing themselves to making a research on the curriculum reform in the new century intend to cultivate joint talents. The aim of the curriculum reform of basic physical education is to reform the present curriculum and give prominence to the health, which will play an important part in cultivating the joint talents in the new century. The cultivation goal and curriculum provision of the physical education major have an effect on the quality of the teaching cultivation. Moreover, it is also the most important factor in the physical education reform.Based on the literature collected, we have found that the research on the curriculum provision of the physical education major put emphasis on the issues about the curriculum provision. And the comparative research emphasize on the characteristics of curriculum provision. In 1995, the research on teaching content and curriculum system of physical education major for National University was compiled and the research on the curriculum system of physical education was carried out in 2001. What's more, Curriculum Standards of Physical Education and Health was published by ministry of education in 2001.The cultivation goal and curriculum provision of physical education should be consistent with the new curriculum and the new curriculum standards in the trial text. So , physical education major in universities should be reformed to cultivate the better P.E. teachers. But the fact is that the present curriculum provision of the physical education major lacks in the favorable the relationship with the new curriculum standards. This paper introduces the present curriculum provision of the physical education major in School of Health, Physical Education & Recreation Indiana University. The national standards constituted by NASPE are the main standard to compare the curriculum content of the two countries. The paper analyses the differences between the two countries and tries to find out the disadvantages in curriculum provision .The main purpose is to provide reference for reforming undergraduate students education content and curriculum system.Curriculum provisions of physical education major between two countries are the objects in this paper. By using literature, investigative, comparative methods, this paper describes the present curriculum provisions of physical education major between two countries and discusses the issues in curriculum provision of physical education major in Chinese higher physical education . Through the research, the main findings are as follows:1 The tenet of undergraduate majoring in physical education put emphasis on the particularity, and the cultivation goal is regulated by the specialty catalog. Curriculum provision embodies the professional expert tenet. While cultivating the all—round expert is the main goal in American curriculum provision.2 The New Physical Education Specialty Course Scheme for National University stresses the oneness especially on the main course. While the universities in America convene the experts to compile the text, which is benefit for the universities and states to use the education resources.3 The curriculum provision in our country pays less attention to the basic courses especially the courses about humanities, technology and theoretics courses. While the curriculum provision in American universities pays more attention to the knowledge learning of the sports skill and elective courses. The purpose is to enhance the competition ability in the course of looking for jobs.4 Standards for Initial Preparation of Physical Education Teachers in America provides the future teachers with a standard, and the aim is to make the future teachers competent for the teaching work.5 The characteristics in our curriculum provision are as follows:(1)there are some changes in distinguishing the curriculum sorts and the number of the curriculum has been increasing; (2) the ranges of the curriculum content are larger and larger and the teaching practice is paid more attention;(3) the socialization of the curriculum has been improving;(4) pay close attention to the theoretics courses involved in ideology and politics but pay less attention to humanities ,life& physical sciences and social & behavioral sciences; (5)the new pattern courses and feature courses are set up6 The issues in our curriculum provision are as follows: (1)the traditional course concept has a bad effect on the curriculum provision;(2)the proportion of course configuration isn't proper;(3)pay less attention to humanities courses;(4) the courses involving in the health content and health education don't stand out。7 The characteristics in American curriculum provision are as follows: (1)it gives prominence to the foundation and pedagogic courses;(2)it pays more attention to elective courses;(3)it set up the course to meet the needs of the development of the society;(4)it gives prominence to practicability and diversities of the course8 The revelations that we learn from American curriculum provision are as follows:(1)enlarge general education courses and humanities courses;(2)enhance pedagogic courses ;(3)increase the health education courses; (4)encourage students to study knowledge learning about the courses;(5)change the teaching content sport model to exercise model; (6)encourage students to elect courses from other specialty and offer students more chances to elect courses;(7)cultivate students'reflection ability in the teaching practice.
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