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Research On Problem-solving Thinking And Questions Setting Up In Senior Middle School Mathematics Competition

Posted on:2008-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S T LvFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215996943Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Mathematics competition is a benefit supplement of teaching mathematics in the middle school, and problem-solving study in mathematics competition is always the emphasis of the expert and teacher. The characteristics of senior mathematics competition determine its unique rule of problem-solving. Basing on the theory of educational psychology, this article studies the process of problem-solving thinking in senior mathematics competition by analyzing the characteristics of the test paper and some concrete examples of test items. This article further studies common thinking strategies of problem-solving and brings forward suggestion on how to cultivate thinking competence of problem-solving.In order to better study senior mathematics competition test items, the author theoretically studies the principles and strategies of setting up item question basing on the study of problem-solving and combining this author experience of learning and practice. Further, this article makes some conclusions on item setting up item questions scientifically basing on the theories of setting up questions. Through the study above, this author finds that thinking strategies which cause extension of knowledge can bring new problems. Next, this thesis analyzes thinking process and way of setting up question in senior mathematics competition by giving examples. Also, the relation between solving and setting up question is explained.Finally, basing on the study and research above, this thesis gives suggestion on solving the problems which exist in senior mathematics competition. Mathematics competition should focus on improving the student's competence; the teacher should explain the process of thinking in detail; a system of setting up item question should be established to improve the quality of test paper; the mathematics competition instruction should realize the relation between solving and improve their level of teaching competence so that the student's mathematics accomplishment can be promoted.
Keywords/Search Tags:mathematics competition, senior mathematics competition, problem-solving thinking, thinking strategies, setting up questions research
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