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In The "problem Solving" Teaching, The Practical Research On Improving The Quality Of Primary School Students' Mathematical Thinking

Posted on:2019-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is clearly claimed in “problem solving” of general curriculum objectives in the Mathematics course standard of full-time compulsory education(experiment draft)that students should acquire the ways to find and raise problems from the perspectives of mathematics.Meanwhile,students can solve easy actual problems by applying mathematics knowledge,enhance application awareness and improve practical ability.Besides,they can acquire the basic methods of analyzing and solving problems,experience the diversity of problem solving methods,develop innovation consciousness,learn how to communicate with others and primarily become aware of evaluation and reflection.In mathematics class,teachers should not only improve the learning of knowledge and skills,but also stimulate thinking of students,so that thinking can actually be raised in the classroom and effectively improved as well.This paper will focus on the mathematical thinking quality.The first part of the paper is about research on the present situation of students' profound thinking through “problem solving” and the general problems found during the research.Firstly,students tend to solve the problems superficially.Secondly,students may solve the problems partially.Thirdly,they might not solve problems by diverse ways.There are two reasons for these problems.One is that teachers may ignore the importance of cultivating the students' profound thinking quality.The other reason is that teachers may lack systematic methods and strategies in cultivating profound thinking.The second part of the paper is on “problem solving" classroom teaching.It focuses on the strategies of improving profound thinking quality through case study and analysis.The research aims to effectively apply strategies such as“designing problems” and “classifying demand” to improve the efficiency of cultivating students' profound thinking quality based on present situation and“problem solving”.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem solving, profound thinking quality in mathematics, promotion strategies
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