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Survey And Research On The Present Situations Of The PE's Credit System Reform In The Ordinary Universities Of Jiangxi Province

Posted on:2009-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360242470179Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Along with the unceasingly executing of the credit system reform of teaching management in universities, the implements of credit system reforms of public sports course in universities had become an inevitable trend. Utilizing document method, the questionnaire surry procedure, the interview method and the mathematical method of average.the study carries on the investigations and the analysic to ten ordinary universities present situation of credit system of public courses reform in Jiangxi Province. The study aims to provide ordinary universities with references of preseng situation, analyzing its origin and seeking for the efficieng way to solve the problems.The findings of the study indicate that:1.The ordinary universities in Jiangxi Provice had initially established a credit system of public sports courses, which takes elective course system as the core. Howerer,the settings of the measurement of credit and evaluation system are unitary and not scientific enough, students instracurricular sports lacks effective system security. The flexible system of sports credit is not perfect.2.Sports teachers are the main support for the credit system reforms of public sports courses. Although the physical teachers condition in ordinary universities in Jiangxi has improved a lot, but problems such as low proportion of teachers to students, the low academic career of teachers in general, the unreasonable study and the large amount of teachers work still exist.3.Although the course settings of ordinary high schools in Jiangxi Province have been stepping toward diversity since the credit system reform the establishment of leisure and entertainment items too few, the curriculum departs from the needs of the students and redundant and obsolete basic course content still exists.teaching need in quantity.In view of the present situation of credit sysem system reforms of public sports course in ordinary high schools in Jiangxi Provice, this paper proposed the following countermeasure and suggestions: To establish aninstruction system of public sports courses, with the physical teachers as the main force as well as the participation has at the same time the higher grade student and the social strength participation public sports curriculum leads study the system;Consummates a multiplex, scientific and reasonable sports teaching appraisal system; Strengthen the construction of the university sports teachers troop in multi-channel and multi-ways,Tramsform teaching idea, insist on "human" and optimizes the sports curriculum unceasingly; Enlarges the investment in sports teaching fully display the efficiency of the current sports facilities to release the contradiction on the tense use of the facilities and the equipment.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges and universities, public sports programs, credit system, Jiangxi
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