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A Research On Chinese University Faculty's Service Leading By The Concepts Of Higher Education Service

Posted on:2009-01-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Looking from the two aspects----the domestic present situation and the international big background, due to the reform needs of university and the influences from many other factors, higher education in our country should be transform some original ideas and carry on the corresponding renewal and transformation. For the sake of adapting time need, meeting student's demand and improving the quality of higher education service in universities, it is necessary for university teachers to have the consciousness and behavior of serving the students.Higher education service is the process of providing the service by teachers and expensing the service by students. Higher education service has several features such as goal particularity, production and expense synchrony, quasi-public, precursor and lag behind, systematic characteristic and mentality. The higher education service mainly has two parts, the school serves for the teacher and the teacher serves for the student. The university teacher serves the student in the higher education service is the most important step.The university faculty's service is the process of university teacher through provides the education service, including the specialized cultivation and the assistant instruction and so on, it trains educational consumer----student become a high-level professional personnel. The university teacher service has its historical origin, and has its own characteristic. The university teacher service the student is the time demand for the university teacher, is the request of professional responsibility and the occupational ethics of teacher, is the need of"take the student as the foundation", is the require of student as"the consumer". Teacher is the man who provides the service and student is the man who accepts the education service. The teacher serves for the student, specifically speaking, is service for the daily study and life, to excavate potential, to develop for the future of the student by teacher's raise and guidance, to promote the student's body and mind healthy development and make the student has a lifelong profit. The content of teacher serves student mainly include the specialized cultivation and the assistant instruction, the way to carry on the service is through in-class and out-class behaviors.
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