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Investigation And Study Of Guangxi Minority Middle School Students' Values

Posted on:2009-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245459347Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Values have been studied for a long time. Chinese and foreign psychologists both have their definition. In my opinion, value is an option orientation or beliefs which exist in the cognitive system of the main object. Values have the following main features: consciousness of tendentiousness, appraisal subjectivity, behavior selectivity, idea uniformity, social historicity . Rokeach divided values into terminal values and instrumental values . Schwartz first proposed 56 values which can be summed up to 11 motivational types such as power,achivement,hedonism,stimulation,self-direction,niversality,benevolence,tradition,conformity, security, spiritual values. Huang Xiting studies values from 10 different dimensions such as life values, political values, moral values, knowledge values, professional values, interpersonal values, love and marriage values, aesthetic values, religious values, self-values and so on .Guangxi minorities has a long history and splendid culture and arts, and formed its own unique cultural characteristics. Schwartz Value Survey (SVS) is used to study the life values of Jing, Maonan and Mulao national minority . On the basis of reading large number of documents researchers make a questionnaire about knowledge, love and marriage, aesthetic values. Respondents are randomly sampled from these three minority middle school students , The survey is implemented in their class.Then statistic and process the data, discusses the characteristics of knowledge, love and marriage, aesthetic values of minority middle school students. Several psychology educational suggestions are provided to school education.Finding are as follows:1. Jing, Maonan and Mulao minority middle school students showed positive life values, but the diversity trend is very obvious.2. Jing, Maonan and Mulao minority middle school students value the role of knowledge, most of them regard the individual spirit as the primary objectives,while neglecting of money, power, social status. The choice of access to knowledge is relatively consistent, but also pay attention to the new carriers such as Internet. They advocate science-oriented life and common sense and independenly evaluate whether knowledge is important or not.3. Jing, Maonan and Mulao minority middle school students can clearly understand the differences between contacting opposite sex and the calf love of middle school students, but the motive exchanging with the opposite sex need further guidance. The three minority middle school students treat calf love more toleranted, the majority of middle school students pay more attention to each other's internal quality in the choice of the opposite sex friends, which is more rational and mature, but there are also some middle school students who misconduct standards of choosing opposite sex friends.4. As to aesthetic values, the Jing nationality middle school students inclines to judge whether a man or an object is attractive from the individual's appearance . Maonan and Mulao minority middle school students have mor coherence than Jing nationality, but at the same time reflects the different characteristics of each nation.Finally, some educational proposals are put forward on the the status quo of these minority values.
Keywords/Search Tags:minority middle school students, life values, knowledge values, marriage and love values, aesthetic values
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