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Research On The Construction Of Chinese Financing-aid System For Poverty-stricken University Students

Posted on:2009-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245995889Subject:Higher Education
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Higher education is part of the non-compulsory education system with payment, at present; this mode of operation is going as an order around the world. In the process of the development of higher education, students coming from poor families through higher education can grow talents, which reflects the social fairness and justice. With the deepening of the mechanic of China's market economy and the reform and the development and higher education, there have been a certain number of students from poor families dependent, and the number of poverty-stricken college students is also increasing year by year. To care about and study this poverty-stricken college students groups, to establish a sound system of funding to them, not to let even one of them drop out of school, to achieve education for all before the entry in the equalization of opportunities, to establish a more effective system of funding poverty-stricken college students, to help poor students complete their education, to reflects the fairness in education, own a very important theoretical and practical significance.It is a vacancy in the study field of the mode of poverty-stricken college students subsidy system in our country, with a few research rigidly adhering to the guiding ideology theory, or type of subsidy for the poor college students. In this paper, through comprehensively analyzing the construction ideology and process of the financial aid system in the United States, the United Kingdom and China , summarizing the characteristics of the three countries respectively, using the research methods of document-analysis, deducing and comparing home and abroad, the author put forward eight index signs, which can embody the macro and the internal relationship between them, and made the suggestion of reforming China's finance system according to the eight indicators.The eight index signs are as follows: 1. the universality and adequacy of the macro- financial aid system quality; 2.the macro-efficiency of financial aid system;3.the direct investment in higher education; participation in financial aid system; 5.welfare level in financial aid system;6.humanistic care in financial aid system;7.the orientation of student development; 8.student enthusiasm in loans.Effectively using the indexes and features to do bi-directional research and draw reasonable conclusion, the study further demonstrated the rationality and effectiveness of the system. In my view, the research methodology and indicator system presented in this paper can provide a specific research model for poor university students financial aid system in China, and the conclusion of the study can provide a decision support to the construction and development of financial aid system in China.According to the analysis, we have also pointed out the problems and ways to improve in China's construction of the financial aid system, as demonstrated by: 1.increase the funding means to improve the situation of a single means; 2.encourage the participation of multiple economic entities, and mobilize the participation of non-governmental economy entities; 3.increase the funding efforts; increase government inputs and loans; attach importance to the policy construction of the students in private colleges and universities to enjoy the subsidy; 4.srength the sense of lending and loading, and step up promotion and guidance;5.establish some form of credit mechanism, including the national and university students credit system;6.attach importance to the guiding ideology of people-orientation and increase humane care.
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