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The Study Of The Second Year Students In The Senior High School About Solving Conic Problems

Posted on:2009-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360272491478Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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"Mathematics is the heart of the problem," Polya "problem-solving is the most characteristic activities." Knowledge is the basis to solve the problem, the level of intellegence is to solve the problem, the attitude factor is the readiness to solve the problem. Therefore, "to resolve the issue" is a process that is a purpose and a capacity. Conic is the focus of high school mathematics is difficult, over the years is a compulsory test of knowledge one point. Students interested in math when the attitude of the conic involved in understanding the basic concepts of how they reflect on the conic mathematical way of thinking: Algebra and geometry Combination ideas, equations and functions of thinking, thinking of the analogy with the use of the vector How. This is a direct bearing on the settlement of conic problem with the proficiency of accurate.This article uses the overall quality and quantity of analysis, survey and testing in the form of volume in Shanghai's secondary focus of 151 students in research.This has come to address the students in the conic problems that exist in a number of questions:1. Only 30% of the Institute of Health and the direct use of conic section for the definition of track and the focus of a long string, and the remaining students through the coordinates of the method, most of the students on the Conic insufficient definition.2. students in the form of equations of the standard understanding of the single, most of the students with coordinates corresponding, shape and does not correspond to the number of very good hands.3. Mathematical way of thinking because of the lack of understanding of the connotations, and the students themselves to solve problems in the existing obstacles to thinking, students use mathematical way of thinking taper curve of a comprehensive settlement of the issue is the ability of the weak .Based on the above three issues, the paper for teachers to improve students problem-solving ability, self control, applied mathematics knowledge capacity of an effective way to several proposals:1. APOSE to improve the use of the concept of teaching2. Teachers to improve teaching strategies, emphasis on math teaching methods. At the same time improve their own self-cultivation of mathematics, problem-solving skills, teaching to break the formation of thinking. So as to achieve a broader effort to enhance students thinking, creative thinking, such as quality.3. Conic of the difficulties conic two points on a straight line on the symmetry of the existence of problems and explore the new method.
Keywords/Search Tags:problem-solving, mathematical thinking, mathematical way of thinking quality, Interest in learning, the concept of gender, differences in teaching Conic
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