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Investigation And Research Process Intuitive Thinking High School Students Applied Mathematical Problem Solving

Posted on:2015-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Most of the scientific discovery and invention in mathematic, are not found bythe Logical Thinking but by the Intuitive Thinking. In the teaching and learning ofmathematics, the Intuitive thinking is as important as the logic thinking. Intuitivethinking has significant effects on mathematics learning and problems solving, whichcan not replaced by the logic thinking. Training of the mathematic intuitive thinkingfor senior grade students is helpful for the students’ math learning and problemsolving.This paper introduces the meaning of mathematical intuition and analyzes itscharacteristic and the influence factors of intuition. The paper also contained themathematical problem solving. The survey “status of Grade10student applicationintuitive thinking in mathematical problem solving” shows a lot of problems ofstudents’ ability of intuitive thinking and I put forward some countermeasures.First, combine with the research background at home and abroad, tells about thenecessities to develop intuitive thinking and overall researching strategy of this paper.Then, introduce the definition, characteristic, influence factor of intuitionthinking and the definition of mathematical problem solving.The third part conducts a survey on the current situation of students’mathematical intuitive thinking and gives the reason of students’ ability of intuitionthinking.At last, gives the following strategies: to emphasize on students’ basicmathematical knowledge and attach importance to their mathematical intuition andintrospective thinking; to cultivate their ability to guess, sum up and thinkcomprehensively; to develop mathematical aesthetic and students’ intuition.
Keywords/Search Tags:mathematical intuition thinking, problem solving, strategies, grade10
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