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A Study On Construction Of Counselor Team In Private Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2010-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China's private higher education, started in 1980s, has gone through trials and hardships of nearly thirty years. Under the support of national policy and its own unceasing endeavor, it has made great development in school scale, school pattern and school quality,but it has certain disadvantages compared with those in other countries. Private colleges and universities of our country(equivalent to private colleges and universities abroad) have such characteristics ,that is short time of school building,weak culture atmosphere, imperfect system, unsound organization, and low social recognition degree, which resulted in the development of private colleges and universities in our country lagging behind private higher education abroad. Particularly, students, the main body of private colleges and universities, have uneven overall quality and heavy mentality pressure and facing various lure. So it is not enough to teach students only depending on teachers, but relying on the counselors. Private colleges and universities'counselors undertake many jobs which are closely linked with students'growth and development, such as routine management, ideological education, quality-oriented education, career guidance and so on. So the colleges can train builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectually and physically. Councelor team plays an important role in the development and satbility of the private colleges and universities,which is an important part of the private college faculty,working as a teacher as well as an administrator. Many facts proved that counselors'work in private colleges is the most important task of education. The construction of counselor team has become important organizational guarantee and long term effective mechanism for undergraduate ideological and political education as well as the practice of moral education and safeguarding private colleges'stability, reformation and development.As China is being internationalized and under the background of higher education entering the "popularization" development, facing the new situation, the new condition, the new question, the new duty and the new challenge, the difficulty of counselors'work is getting harder and harder and the working stress is getting stronger and stronger. It is of great significance and theoretical practice to emphasize strengthening the construction of counselor team which is suited to the characteristics of private colleges and universities and constructing a sustainable professional counselor team for the full implementation of the education policy, the improvement of the overall quality and efficiency, the practice of ideological political and moral education of private colleges'students, and the day-to-day management tasks.They are the direct guides for students, the direct defender of the normal teaching order in private colleges and universities, the direct organizer of campus cultural construction, the direct executor of campus ethos and school discipline construction, and they are the direct creator and transmitter of private colleges'spirit. Although our country has promulgated many documents, and released many policies to support the counselor team building, facing the new situation and the new question, the counselor team building especially in private colleges and universities still has shortcomings in many aspects. Moreover, nowadays there are few building plans and ways for the unitarity, integrality, completeness, operatability of counselor team building in the private colleges and universities. Under this background, considering that unsound organization, imperfect system and the fact of counselor team building and developing obviously laging behind job requirements of private colleges and universities, the author discusses ways of strengthening counselor team building of private colleges and universities in order to maintain stability and development of private colleges and universities and to make contribution for private colleges and universities to strive for bigger living space.This paper mainly uses research methods of literature, interviews and questionnaires. By referring to the relevant documents and materials, drawing attention to absorb the strengths and experience of development of the student affairs management team (equivalent to colleges and universities counselor team in our country) in Western developed countries, and carrying out a survey to teachers and students of Shan Dong Wanjie Medical College by the form of interviews and questionnaires, the author studies how to build the private colleges and universities counselor team. The author sets forth the urgency of private colleges and universities counselor team building, analyses the achievements and existing problems of private colleges and universities counselor team building, and explores ways of private colleges and universities building, in order to put forward solutions for problems in private colleges and universities counselor building, such as,"the goal not to be clear","the team building system not to be perfect".The paper is divided into three parts. The first part sets forth significance of private colleges and universities counselor team building. The second part takes Shandong Wanjie Medical School as a case, to analyze the present situation of private colleges and universities by adopting interview law and questionnaire survey. The last part puts forward several measures and suggestions for private colleges and universities counselor team building.
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