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Study On College Students' Recessive Absence

Posted on:2010-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The phenomenon of recessive absence among college students is becoming increasingly serious,and it involves almost the majority of students.It has resulted negative impacts on the students,teachers,family members as well as the society.Although significant attentions were drawn to prevent dominant truancy,the recessive absence has been greatly under studied and been publicly accepted among teachers.Recessive absence is neglected not only in the reality but also research area.From the quantity of research,it is few to the direct study on college students'recessive absence. The closing date is November 2008,and in CNKI searching "recessive absence" as title only obtains seven articles;From the research technique,the empirical study only find two articles,and the other are the theoretical analyses;From the researchful content,the reason analysis of recessive absence is comprehensive,but the depth is insufficient.Thus,it can be seen that it is urgent to study and solve the phenomenon of university students' recessive absence,based on the realistic angle and the research angle.Based on literature analysis,the study did questionnaire,in order to know the present situation and reason of college students'recessive absence.Six hundred and twenty college students were surveyed on their recessive absence experiences.In this survey,six universities were sampled, including Fudan university,Northeast normal university,Xiangtan university,Bohai university, Southwest university,and Guangxi university for nationalities.The survey included recessive absence's overall sitiation,behavior,type of course,attitudes and so on,its results as follows:(1)There is universality on the phenomenon of recessive absence among college students.More than seventy of participants claimed a such behavior and it occurred more than half of their study time.However,the appearance of the recessive absence differed among the universities.(2)Most of the recessive participants were taken in the forms of self study or self entrainment,but it depended on the factors such as the stage of the degree or the majors.(3) The occurrence of the recessive absence depends the type of classes,the compulsory classes were the least popular while the public classes were more frequent.(4) Seventy percent of participants support the recessive truancy while ten percent was against.It is can be seen from the six universities' survey that there are three main reasons about college students' recessive absence.The first reason is that lectures which teachers instruction is boring.It is relate to old teaching contain,division theory and practice,mechanical teaching method.And the deep reasons is that teachers neglect teaching and the irrationality of curriculum;The second reason,students lost interest for couses.The second reason is that college students are lack of interest in the courses.Students may be disinterest for their professional,dissatisfied with the curriculum,dislike elective courses;The third reason is college students are not enough motivation to listening clssses,whether internal motivation or not external examination.External examination include exam,employment and the attitude of teachers about recessive absence and so on.Based on the above three reasons,the study has put proposal from three aspects that teachers should enhance the attractiveness on classes,stimulate students' listening interest and strengthen the motive,so that can reduce the phenomenon of recessive absence.
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