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Situation Problem And Strategy Of Vocational Students’ Recessive Truancy

Posted on:2017-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economy in the world,China is maintaining rapid economic development.Meanwhile,China is carrying on the New Industrial Revolution which gradually shifts from the big industrial power to industrial power.Therefore,the young blue-collar generation talents are required to be involved in the wave of reform.At the same time,our country regards the vocational education as a very important role.President Xi Jinping made important instructions that we should help the vocational education developed and realize the "two one hundred years" goals by providing talent guarantee.National and local government should set educational policy and help the vocational education developed.And we should encourage students to choose vocational education in order to cultivate vocational and senior high school education simultaneously.In the vocational class,we can see that the recessive truancy is serious.Compared with the dominant truancy,the recessive truancy is more universal.Furthermore,most students have recessive truancy.Especially in the secondary vocational school,students are lacking of self-control ability.Moreover,the fact that the vocational students are skipping class is easy to be ignored.In the long-term teaching process,the author claims that the research on recessive truancy is based on the thesis analysis,class observation and questionnaires.The writer summarizes the phenomenon and main causes of the recessive truancy.Obviously,the problem is easy to find in the thesis.Research results show that:(1)Individual subjective reasons.For example,vocational students cannot treat recessive truancy phenomenon in a proper way.And they lack of learning objectives,interests in learning and self-discipline ability.(2)Secondary vocational teachers’ teaching level,teaching ability and class management ability is not good,which influences the recessive truancy.(3)The contents and curriculum from the vocational school are not reasonable.The author put forward some strategies according to the results of the survey:(1)We can change the students’ attitude of recessive truancy phenomenon and help students make individual career planning.Meanwhile,we can cultivate students’willpower and learning autonomy.Finally,we can cultivate vocational students’interest in learning.(2)We can strengthe,n the teachers’ professional level and improve the teachers’personal charm.And we can also strengthen teachers’ charisma and stimulate students’ interest in learning.Furthermore,we may enhance teachers’ classroom management ability and correct students’ truancy behavior.(3)We may improve school management,optimize the curriculum system and enhance the professional and scientific level.Moreover,we can adjust the teaching content in order that vocational education may meet the needs of the professional development.Finally,by means of the evaluation methods,students get a sense of achievement.
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