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The Research Of College Studentsí Tacit Truancy

Posted on:2018-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Tacit truancy phenomenon more and more serious in recent years,and influences the teaching quality of the whole school by influence the studentsí classroom learning effects.Therefore,research recessive skipping classes and put forward measures to prevent and control it for university to improve studentsí classroom learning effects and thus improve the quality of teaching as a whole has a certain significance.To investigation and study the recessive skipped classes of students of the six universities in Hunan province,the following conclusions:the Recessive skipped classes of students in the university are widespread,and all sorts of performance in a smaller difference between the different groups;the irrational hidden truancy and rational hidden truancy have the same number of students;on the studentís attitudes toward hidden skip,support and neutral and opposed to the size difference about the same number;In addition,on the relationship of the recessive skipping classes and final grade,Slightly less than half the number of students think tacit truancy has little influence to final grade,and Slightly more than Half of the students think tacit truancy has certain influence on the final grade.The reason of students Cause students recessive classes have lack of learning motivation,poor self management or control capacity,insufficient understanding of recessive classes and it.s harm,lack clear of learning target,donít like their major,not normal of lifestyle and not law rest time;The reason of Teachers have classroom teaching attraction low,investment of the teaching is not enough,lack of management for hidden truancy,lack class interactive with students;The reason of school have set courses not reasonable,learning atmosphere is bad,poor class teaching environment,class teaching management system not perfect.The measures of prevent and control the students recessive classes include students should improve the learning interest and motivation,strengthening the self-regulation learning ability,set clear of learning target,strengthen lifestyle and rest time;teachers should improve taught attraction,increased teaching input efforts,strengthening on class discipline of management,strengthening class teaching interactive;school should perfect courses set,Strengthen the construction of style of study,improved class teaching environment,strengthening class teaching management system construction,Increased publicity or education about the hidden truancy and it.s harm,specification and perfect turned professional system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tacit truancy, Dominant truancy, Truancy, Undergraduate, Classroom teaching
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