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Research On The Deficiency And Promotion Of The Education Scientific Research Accomplishments Of Junior School Teachers In The Rural Areas

Posted on:2010-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C R ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275952625Subject:Principles of Education
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With the further development of the new curriculum reform,more attention is paid to the scientific research accomplishments of junior school teachers.Good scientific research qualities become an important guarantee to help numerous teachers,in a wide range,carry out scientific research on education,explore the rules of teaching,in order to reach the aim to improve the quality of education to a larger extent.Besides,such a quality is also a requirement to adapt to the new curriculum reform and to accelerate the development of teachers' specialization.The scientific research capability has turned into a crucial part of the qualities of a modern teacher,and it is urgent that the training of teachers' scientific research accomplishment must be emphasized.At present,the education scientific research of junior teachers in city is developing vigorously,while the awareness and action of rural junior teachers to scientific research is yet severely lagging.It remains a serious problem to find out how to promote the research ability of rural teachers to comply with the development of our society.Based on the educating and teaching practice of rural junior teachers,the study takes of the rural junior teachers in Anfu county of Jiangxi province as the survey object. Under the theoretical guidance of teachers' specialization and teachers' culture,this research has analyzed the deficiency problems of teachers' research qualities from four different aspects,respectively namely,teacher's scientific research awareness,scientific research theory,scientific research ability and scientific research attitude.Throughout the research,the researching methods of literature,on-site investigation and participation observation and so on are applied.The common problems that lie in the scientific researching qualities of rural junior middle school teacher are as followed.Firstly,the teachers have a weak consciousness of scientific research.Secondly,they lack a complete and reasonable knowledge framework of their major.Thirdly,they haven't grasped adequate theoretical knowledge and techniques of research.Finally,they have inadequate skills and a improper attitude towards research.The causes of these problems is due to the management and assessment of the qualification of their research accomplishments,which are rather obvious factors,and other invisible cultural factors in addition,like their conservation and independence,which can not be neglected.Considering the reality of education in rural areas,feasible solutions has been put forward in this essay to improve the quality of the teachers' research qualities,focused mainly on exploring the ways of research and setting up scientific research systems.The result of the research suggests that we should unearth the resource of rural education scientific research;develop school-based research;strengthen teacher's awareness of reflection on classroom instruction;use researching methods in practice of education;unify the realistic conditions of rural areas; carry out "Grass-root" style research,that is,research on small topics;perfect exterior mechanism in order to provide teachers with strong exterior safeguard for their research; pay special attention to the cultivation of teaching culture and co-operational awareness; strengthen the internal force of teacher's scientific research,as a natural and gradual consequence,the research attitude of teachers will get transferred from that of passive acceptation into initiative participation.Through scientific analysis of the elements of rural junior teacher's qualities in scientific research,and that of the deficiency in their qualities,this research aims primarily to put forward practical strategies for improvement based on rural education practice,to promote the idea of scientific research and development,additionally,to accelerate the development of the teacher's specialization,and to finally achieve the target of developing the education in rural areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Countryside, Junior School Teachers, Education Scientific Research, Scientific Research Accomplishments, Teachers' Culture
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