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A Study On The Interest Relations Of Stakeholders Of Private Kindergarten

Posted on:2010-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275968730Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The private kindergarten is stakeholder organization, and involves in the interests of many groups including children, parents, teachers, investors,departments of educational administration, communities,media and other groups, in which, the children ,the parents,the teachers and the investors are the main stakeholders of private kindergarten. Each stakeholder has his own interests desire. The interests relation among them is exhibited either as the pursuit of same interests, namely interests consistence or as the pursuit of different interests, namely interests conflict. The interests consistence is good for healthy development of the children,while the interests conflict among them not only damage the interests of the stakeholders but also be bad for the development of the children and the private kindergarten. Therefore it is necessary to identify the interests desire and action mechanism of each individuality in order to find the ways to coordinate and balance the interests of each stakeholder .This paper has a research on private kindergarten which is on the basis of stakeholder theory and the survey of fifteen private kindergartens in Changsha in Hunan province .On the basis of theoretical analysis and investigation study this paper has a deep analysis on the interests desire of each stakeholder, the interests consistence and interests conflict among stakeholeders of private kindergarten. Then the paper analyses the reasons which led to those interests relations in order to find strategies to coordinate the main stakeholders of private kindergarten.To coordinate the interests of main stakeholders of private kindergarten should follow three principles ,that is to make overall plans and take all factors into consideration ,to respect the law of children's upgrow, and to fulfill their rights and responsibilities. Bases on those three principles , the paper suggests that it is possible to take corresponding measures from ideological,economical and systematical perspectives to take interest-coordination into a reality. Ideologycally ,the private kindergarten should put emphsis on its social responsibilities, the all-round development of children ,the development of "Soft Resources" which is represented by teachers, the value of parents participation in management; Economically ,the investor should pay more attention to the input of management cost and human capital; Systematically, it is necessary to perfect the decision-making part and every internal management system of private kindergarten.
Keywords/Search Tags:Private kindergarten, Stakeholder, Interests conflicts
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