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The NBA Promotes In China To Our Country CBA League Tournament Development Influence Research

Posted on:2010-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the NBA plans to expand overseas, particularly in NBA China to promote the continued infiltration of China's CBA league to learn from the successful experience at the same time, increasingly feel they bring a more severe test. In the study, we must pay close attention to the NBA brought about by the negative impact of possible preventive measures for the CBA league healthy and orderly development of protect and promote the sport of basketball in China's sustainable development a certain degree of reality Significance.In this paper, literature, comparative analysis, mathematical statistics and so on, for the NBA China to promote the development of China's CBA league impact study, a comprehensive analysis of NBA China to promote the opportunities and challenges, and from a strategic point of put CBA Brand strategy, personnel training strategy, system innovation, such as the development of response strategies.This article on the completion of the NBA China to promote China's CBA league impact on the development of the study, concluded that:(1) NBA from the start, the survival of the development and prosperity, has formed a complete system of scientific management. As the sport in the United States market, as well as foreign influence in the NBA expansion NBA made a strategic adjustment in a timely manner, to look into the international market, is particularly concerned about the Chinese market. NBA start the promotion of China in the mid-1980s, the aim is to nurture the Chinese market.(2) NBA innovative ways and means of operating, and constantly develop the scope of the market, the creation of a unique professional basketball market development model. Success of the NBA's business model depends primarily on a unique organizational structure, strong financial capacity, property rights, competitive market, the media and a close working relationship, pay attention to the development of overseas markets.(3) CBA League through reform and continue to explore, in an increasingly competitive league, growing standardizing the operation, China has gradually developed a unique development model professional league. However, increasingly exposed to the disqualification of a number of difficult questions: does not flow management system, unclear property rights, the legal system is not sound, competitive strength disparity between the teams, the league lack of supervision.(4) NBA China to promote China's CBA league development opportunities brought about by the following: the CBA league play the advantage in the race reform, market operations, branding and packaging for the provision of the CBA can learn from the study so as to enhance China's sports performance market develop, and promote the sport of basketball in China popularization and further development opportunities.(5) NBA China on the promotion of sports consumption of the population, sponsors and partners, fans and spectators, the media, and so there is a strong strategy for the same time, the dregs of the NBA culture of the CBA league negative impact should not be overlooked. CBA league in the face of NBA China to promote the opportunities arising from the same time, is also facing unprecedented challenges.(6) training and improvement of China's CBA league strategies are: CBA brand strategies, including efforts to improve the hardware, software environment, improve service levels, such as CBA league. Personnel training strategy, including sports and education system to foster a common back-up basketball talents to strengthen the various types of basketball training units, perfect three-train system and establish a reserve basketball talent flow system. Institutional innovation strategy, including the system of property rights, and the draft transfer system, wage system, competition rules and competition system in such areas as innovation.
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