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A Study Of Strenthening Common Ideal Education Of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics Among College Students

Posted on:2011-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360302485638Subject:Ideological and political education
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Rapid development in science and technology, together with the profound changes of domestic and international environemnt, impose a great challenge to the common ideal education to the college students in China about socialism with Chinese characteristics. A trend of decreased agreement with the common ieal of socialism with Chinese characteristics appears among the college students, manfested by Insufficient understanding about the value of socialism with Chinese characteristics and unstable and vulnerable faith in socialism How to respond to the challenge and what effective measures should be taken to ensure the health growth of the successfors and constructors of socialist causes are important issues to be studied.It is improtant to strenthen the common ideal education about socialism with Chinese characteristic to the college students for they are the successors and fresh forces of socialist cause . It helps to lay a foundation for college students' practising and development socialism with Chinese characteristicsfor. Unswayable faith in socialism with Characterisitics and clear objective to fight for socialist causes are necessary to fight against the peaceful evolution initiated by the enemy forces in the west, safeguard the construction of socialist harmonious culture, and guaranttee the cultivation of successors and creative talents for socialist causes, and of great theoreatical and practical significance to the great revetalization of Chinese nation.Great challenges still await ahead while certain effective progresses have been made in common ideal education about socialism with Chinese characteristics among colleges students. The majority of college students hold steady faith in the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics and recognize socialist political, economic, and culutral systems and the objective of modernization. Under the negative impact of changes in international and domestic situation, weakened faith about soicalism, value perspective towards material gain, multiple faithes, lack of confidence about the future of socialism with Chinese characteristics, incorrect handling of the relation between personal ideal and common ideal.Five methods to strengthen the common ideal education of socialism with Chinese characteristics among college students are suggested as follows: first, to lead the public opinion, advocate the correct thinking, and stress ieal and faith education in ideological educaiton; second, to combine common ideal education with other educations, such as national situation education, success education, and personal ideal education; third, to improve the qualities of college instructors involved in ideological education and advance teaching reform, and enhance the effectiveness of education; fourth, to actively participate in online eduation and get the internet to better serve eduation; fifth, to make full use campus culture construction in common ideal education and emphasizing the directory, modeling, radioactive, and encouranging functions of campus culture.
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