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Research On The Feature Of Teachers' Interpersonal Communication Competence In Elementary And Secondary School

Posted on:2011-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360302997326Subject:Development and educational psychology
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The overall quality and professionalism of primary and secondary teachers are put forward higher requirements, with China's education in depth the implementation and full implementation of the new curriculum reform.As an important part of teachers' competence, teachers interpersonal communication competence has attracted many researchers' attention.However,does teachers' interpersonal communication competence have special structure?How about the development of elementary and secondary school teachers' interpersonal communication competence? If we answer these questions, it is meaningful for teachers to improve interpersonal communication competence and to enhance classroom teaching effectively. This paper has reviewed the Document about the concept and structure of interpersonal communication competence and professional quality in theoretical and empirical from the prospective of Psychology and Sociology. Based on the existing results about teachers'interpersonal communication competence, we explore the structure and developmental Characteristics of our country' teachers using the literature law,questionnaire investigation and factor analysis method. Synthesizes this research,the results are reported as following.1.The interpersonal communication competence structure of the primary and secondary school teachers is multi-dimensional, and it is a multi-dimensions multi-level structure constituted by the first order 7 factors two steps 3 factors. The second step factors include communication skill, communication recognition competence, and communication trait. Expression, active listening, and communication knowledge belong to communication skill.Empathy, self-monitoring belong to communication recognition competence. Extroversion, respect and equality belong to communication trait.2. The established questionnaire contains three subscales, which is communication skill subscale, communication recognition competence subscale and communication trait subscale. All scales have a good validity and reliability,and meet the surveying requirements. It can be used for an assessment tool of teacher's interpersonal communication competence.3.There are some characteristics of the of teacher's interpersonal communication competence as below(1)the primary and secondary school teachers' score in communication skill, communication recognition competence, and communication trait changed between 2.051-2.306, and it were lower than the median, which means good interpersonal communication competence. Communication recognition competence level of primary and secondary school teachers is the highest, followed by communication trait and communication skills. (2)Teachers'interpersonal communication competence has no significant gender difference in all subscales and all the dimensions. (3)Teachers'interpersonal communication competence have significant difference in time of teaching, Teaching subjects, positions, degree, school district, school stage, title, school size.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary and secondary teacher, Interpersonal communication competence, Communication skill, Communication recognition competence, Communication trait, Developmental features
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